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This page contains poems written by children up to age 11 from around the world. You can also:

  • read some of my children's poems here

  • NEW! Read some of my poems for GROWN-UPS here

  • read poems written by teenagers here

  • read poems written by adults about ROMANCE, BROKEN HEART AND GENERAL here 

All poems are copyrighted - contact Andrea if you want to use one for your homework, a performance or anything else.

Snowflakes by Niamh Cameron
Snowflakes, snowflake falling down
Now is the time to get out side
Wind is blowing them all around
Falling gently down to the ground
Twinkling sparkling to the ground
Laughing, playing, shouting, and having fun
Again and again
Kindly playing and laughing and shouting
Eating chocolate fudge cakes
Snowflakes falling down
By: Asia age 12 from Columbus,OH


Sometimes I would like to live  
Sometimes I would like to stay in bed  
Sometimes life can be so harsh  
No matter what I would always try and know that without neglect 
Sometimes I would like to know that you love me for who I am  
Sometimes I would like to live and have fun  
And know that without shame.  


FLOWER by Nadine

Each petal,
Formed by fairies,
So loving,
Yet so sad,
Wave goodbye,
And yet hello,
The crafts man ship,
So great,
The colours,
So defined,
Each line and scar,
So pretty,
It's there,
But do we see,
The message that's inscribed?  
poem by Jazz

As i lay under these dark and shadowing pillows,
i hear the distort sound of a jingle.
This shows me that I am young ant the sun has risen,
that life has a meaning to its simple word.
I carefully lift the cushions to find that life is long and cannot be
It's not the synonym to monotonous or ugly,
but the meaning of freedom and opportunities.
Opportunities that can brig you happiness or sadness,
any emotion in life is required for I am old and the sun has set.
Finally i feel proud that i have lived life,
that i have lived freedom.

Poem by Mira
I sat in my room
I saw a bird
he sang with joy
I covered my ears 
what a noisy bird
Peace At Night by Grace V

Oh Flower, oh flower,
Shine so bright.
Hold me tight
with all your might.
Hold me close
hold me tight
I'll pray for you tonight.
Stop the demons from getting to me.
I'll hold you and you hold me.
Poem by Abby
Those six words are something which seemed to change my life.
I kept it a secret. All emotions of horrid pain and sober faded.
I thought it would last forever, but to me nothing good last forever.
People would always tell me that i was to good for him and i could do
All those words washed over me. People would always say, young
love never last only 1 in a million chances. I thought we would last.
Until that day came, i wanted it to go right past me but in essence air
doesn't go right past you, it goes through you.
He said it was nothing I did. I walked away thanking him for making my life better.
Words that I let pass by me filled my head.
One in a million chances and young
love never lasts.
By Coconut age 7 from Surabaya, Indonesia
You were once my wave
The centre of my love
The meaning in my existence
The reason I awakened.
This wave has new directions
It is no longer here
So another one arrives
Crashing at my shore.
Breathing life into my soul
Beating drums and music near
Lighting beacons from a distance
Sailing oceans back to home.

Jewish Boy-Outcast
by Ben age 12 from Sydney, Australia 
My home, my life taken away in a flash,
Click, clatter, talk, punch and my family is snatched.
They stare, and comment as if I weren't there,
And treat me like dirt and laugh at me like a bear.
Tears and anger, pacing around me,
Kids leaving rooms as I wait to be free.
The smell of a sensation never before,
Yet the scars, stench and shivers tells me it s probably more.
I am a plane waiting for instruction,
But I hear a story of terror and destruction.
The ticket to the end I was told is coming,
That noise of the train, strumming, humming, and drumming.
Staring out of the carriage glass,
Telling myself it s not true, soon it will pass.
Poem by Lewis age 12 from Cork, Ireland
Here I stand I'm all alone
I have no friends to call on the phone
I'd love to run and jump and play
Instead I sulk at home all day
But when I think about myself
My family's rich and and we're all in health
I hope to God that I live long
I'm all alone but I stand strong

by Grace age 10

The day is down, and as the sun sets in the west, 
So does the night sky emerge from the east.
I look west, a merge of red, orange and yellow,
As the last rays of sun light stream over the hills;
I see the first twinkly, twilight stars,
And a first glimpse of a silvery moon.
As darkness spills in, the dusk sky gradually turns into night. 
And I fall gently to sleep and peacefully dream till morning. 
Love by Kaillie age 12 from Long Beach, CA

Losing my fears,
Losing my tears,
In the shadows of love.
Deep in it's depths I seep,
No mourning, no weeping, 
It is my fate
No going back,
I've gone too far,
And I've lost myself to the stranger of love.
 My Animal
      by Katie Hershberger

      My animal is black and white,
      but you cannot fly him like a kite.
      He is short and he is fat,
      but he is not a rat.
      Can you guess what he is?

      By Elisa age 11 from Anerly, UK
      Tall, small, skinny, plump.Many different races, held in
      different places.        
      Soft, gentle, hard, strong. Some very slim, some very long.        
      A back reast - a friend to man.        
      When work has been done and hours have been long: we are loved by
      blue, red, green, purple, black, white. Silver, yellow, gold; any
      colour you like!        
      we're used in school, used at work, used at home and not at all.        
      Made by wood, metal stone. Feathers, cusions fluff...        
      Just generally made by stuff!        
      A clean, mean, sitting machine! And yet, what we all forget:        
      When we are no longer needed, not loved like we were.        
      Burnt to a crist, left to die but we all help when cries are
      we help the young, we help the old, we help the deaf, we help the
      blind.Yet none are loved, let us all come to reign!        
      When the skies shine and fire roars, our netions love for us will
      show it's glory.        
      So think about it hard and think about it well for there is
      nothing more to tell:        
      We are a backrest- a friend to man and we will always be ready to
      keep a helping hand...    
      THE CHAIR.


      By Emma Jane Austin age 10 from surrey 
      i stand and stare so closely getting redy to say hi.
      but still you don't notice me you pretend i am invisible and walk
      i hoped that one day you'd see me but still you decided to ride
      free. so what is this freedom is it something i know?
      does it wash or bath or feed you? is it fast or slow?
      i want to see more of this freedom i waited time passing by. does
      it hide in treetops? or pays fees off? hmm why why why?
      so today i discovered freedom
      was it something i know? well it's life as we see it bad or good
      so be it but but if i didn't have it i wish i could
 The Northern Lights
      By Emma age 10 surrey
      An icy special rainbow floating in the sky
      a wonderful abstract picture
      drying from up high.
      A king of all the mountains
      A god of all the sea.
      A wonderful glowing lava lamp
      lighting the sky for me.

 I KNEW IT WAS OVER by Jacob age 10 from Brighton, UK
      I ran out of weapons, I shrieked in anger, I started to run for
      my life
      I looked over my shoulder and saw my friends fall
      I could feel my heart beat as fast as a cheetah BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
      I saw a spear flying towards my direction, it hit me in the
      My eyes were closing, I was going to die. It was getting darker
      and darker
      IT WAS OVER!
By Megan age 7 from Newcastle upon Tyne
      A good friend is kind.
      A good friend does not pick fights.
      A good friend shares things.
      A good friend helps you.
      A good friend loves you.
      It is simple to follow.
      I will be a good friend to all.
      By Megan age 7 from Newcastle upon Tyne.
      When winter awakes there are lots of snow flakes, in the
      shivering cold.
      I was always told, don't forget
      your mittens, they're as warm as Kittens.
      Now don't forget the toasty fire, it is much warmer than electric
      At bedtime a whistling wind comes to mint the room. But I am
      tucked up all snug in my bed.
My teddy by Chloe age 11 from, Bilston UK
      My teddy is soft
      My teddy is firm
      My teddy loves me
      And I love my teddy
      My mum says 
      I'm glued to that bear
      But it is so special
      As my daddy 
      Let me have 
      A teddy so special to him 
      And ever so bright
      Were the teddy's eyes
      So now I say goodnight. 

Stop Bullying

by: kerry AGE: 12  newcastle

s: is for sadness which i feel
t: is for the tears trickling down my face
o: is for offending which they do to me
p: is for picking on me
b: is for bullying and how horrible it is
u: is for upsetting which i always feel
l: is for lying when confronted
l: is for laughing when they see I'm upset
y: is for `why me`
i: is for ignoring which i rather they do
n: is for nasty for the names they call me
g: is for ganging up on me


There are people walking in the street
They are walking on their feet
Going in the shops and looking
At all the lovely treats
Now they are going to the cinema
They want to see a movie
So they buy some chocolate
and a big pot of popcorn
and a great big strawberry smoothie
Then they all go home to bed
Shopping is very tiring
The movie was fun
But the day is done
It is time to rest their head
NAME: Casey Gerard AGE: 8 LOCATION: England


poem by Lydia AGE: 12 LOCATION: Poole


Grey Wispy Hair,
Dry Wrinkly skin.
Long Sad stare,
Skin; Bony and thin.
Wheelchair, always there,
bony purple veins.
hands, rough and rare'
endless elderly pains.
Little yellow liver spots,
Knobbly bony legs.
Tired eyes in their slots,
Arms as thin as clothes pegs.
Thin flat smile,
no expression in face.
nightgown of lace,
100 years old.

I am the middle child
i think its really mean
im stuck in between like
a tinned-sardine
im the filling of the sandwich
yes thats what i am
mum says im sweet so perhaps
im jam. xxx

NAME: x-x-x-x-xjohannahx-x-x-x-x
AGE: 12 LOCATION: england


I am a monster,
And i like to munch
childrens bones
I am a monster,
tall and scary
I used to be bold
but now i am hairy.
by Catherine Ann Munro AGE: 9 LOCATION: Bristol

Honey Limerick!

I like to eat lots of honey,
Especially when day's are sunny,
It's sticky and thick,
So eat it up quick,
The thing is it costs to much money.


Hannah age 8 from England


The unicorn has its own magic and spell,
Around her neck is a giant silver bell.
From her horn dust will fall,
She only comes when she hears her call.
The colour of her is crystal white,
Go to her, she will not bite.
Her beauty is so wonderful,
Her mane is ever so beautiful.
The golden hoofs on her feet,
Look like like a rippled golden sheet.
Looking at her diamond eyes,
You see her under fluffy, pink skies.
She swings her tail from side to side,
When it's day she will always hide.
Her canter is ever so soft,
I saw her first from my loft.
She will be a horse in the morn,
I know she's special because she's a unicorn.
by Naomi age 12 from United Kingdom


School by Owen Spokes 10 kent, England

Sports can be tennis,
but don't be a menace
with the rackets.
English is writing,
underlining, highlighting
or brackets.
Maths is for sums,
not twiddling your thumbs
in a test.
Tests are important
and can't be shortened
so do you're best.
French is for language
like how you say "sandwich"
and one, two and three.
There's not a vacation
in school education
so learning is what it should be!

There's a Monster Under my Bed

At night, when I get told to go to bed, I get all shocked
and I shiver a lot. I say to Mum and dad "Please
Don't leave me alone upstairs, with the MONSTER under
My bed". Mum and dad always say "Don't be silly,
There's nothing under your bed, it's just your imaginary
When I get upstairs the MONSTER gives a "ROAR" I start
to shiver and shake then I gave a loud scream.
But when I looked under my bed it was only my big fat

by Rebecca9, Waikanae, New Zealand




Her hair is a black cloud forming in the distance
Her eyes are like two meatballs sitting on a pink plate
Her teeth are like ice cubes waiting to sucked
Her legs are like two velvet pink gowns on a clothes rack
My Mum is a tall slim statue on a hill of gold


by Katherine 10, New Zealand


Paris10, Wellington New Zealand

Her hair is as orange as a fire in a wood.
She's as loud as a lions roar.
Her eyes are a patch of deep blue sea surround by white sand.
Her nose is like a shell sticking out of the sand on a warm summers day.
Her teeth are like rows of pearls on a pink piece of paper.
Her lips are like red blood drizzled on a face.
Her eyebrows are like piles of bright orange tulips in rows.
Her ears are like two small pink jelly beans glued to a face.



Hunting Cat by Courtney.9, Wellington, NewZealand

Fluffy cat hunting,
clear glistening eyes searching,
pointy whiskers twitching,
silky pricked ears listening,
long wispy tail waving,
sharp teeth ready to bite!

My Sister by Mcgregor6, New Zealand

Tickles Me
Runs With Me



Anouska leyensage 10 from London

cats are cute and cuddly
some are mean and bite
some cats are small and short
what never even fight
some cats are fluffy some are not
but there's one thing that cats don't like
that's DOGS!!!!

The Magic Box

by Sasha Keene10, Edgware

I will put in my box
the sound of the waves clashing together,
the sweet smell of popcorn,
and the first gurgle of my baby cousin.
I will put in my box
the excitement of going on holiday,
a fresh start to the new day,
and seeing the red, orange and yellow sunset for the first time.
I will put in my box
the feeling of waking up on your birthday and knowing your a whole year older,
the view from your hotel window looking over the beautiful ocean,
and the glisten of the first star you see.
My box is bright purple with golden spirals on the lid and lovely memorys in the corners.
I shall swim in my box
in the biggest oceans in the world, then be scooped up by a net and drop me on the finest, yellowest beach ever found.

Let’s Think Of Things That Rhyme

by Alex Sage 10 from England

People like to chat
Maybe not about a bat
Maybe about their pet cat
I don't know why,
But you may have sat
On your hat
But how do we know that?
When people get on their front door mat
Maybe what you want to do is play with your pet rat
Or maybe even your pet gnat
I think we know 'chat' rhymes with a lot of things
But lets go on and rhyme, say, 'rings'
Or maybe not, maybe 'kings'
Imagine if people say, had wings!
Then we could fly away to the land of glings!
I think we know that 'chat' and 'rings'
Rhyme with A LOT of things!
I think now my poem must end
For we have gone far too far round the bend
So you and I must descend
For this poem has finished its twiddly end.


WHALES by Beth Hammond age 10 from the UK

Whales are like hail
Spraying water out of their spouts
But they’re not as bad as brussel sprouts!
So do not doubt a whale’s friendliness
Because it won't come round for tea it doesn't have your address!
Whales don't have spots or dots
But have greyness a lot!
They howl in the wind, they say
But really it's in the water in day
So don't be scared of whales please
Because if you turn around to see
It might just be a snail!


by Alex and Emma, age 9 from England

Jugs of bugs
Mugs of bugs
Jugs and mugs and glugs of bugs
some small some big
some crawl some dig
Some thin some thick
Some as hard as a brick
Some short some tall
Some huge some small
Some soft some hard
Some thin as playing cards
Jugs of bugs
Mugs of bugs
Jugs and mugs and glugs of bugs

I went to the park
when it was dark
I was walking along
I singing my song
But I stopped when I heard a bark


by Gina  7, Lyminge




Jenijaz age 5 Birmingham

Mummy is soft like a teddy bear
I put my fingers in her hair
Even though I'm still little
My hair is still awfully brittle
My mummy says I'll grow up strong
I'm going to be a singer and sing all day long,
I like to hug my ted to my tum,
But I prefer to hug my mum.



Chocolate is a treasure
hiding in the cupboard
Chocolate is a delicious smell
floating on the air
Chocolate is smooth water
being poured from a jug
Chocolate is a piece of ice
melting in your mouth
Chocolate is gluey mess
sticking on your fingers


by Emma age 13 from Hertfordshire


All poems Copyright © Andrea Shavick. If you want to use one for your homework,

a performance or anything else, please go to my CONTACT page and ask!

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