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Here are two of my older non-fiction books, both published by Kogan Page in 1998, still available to buy new or second-hand from Amazon, Ebay and other online retailers. 

Andrea Shavick's book Landing Your First Job
Andrea Shavick's credit management book called The Cheque's in the Post!

Landing Your First Job

One of my first non-fiction books for adults, Landing Your First Job was commissioned by The Daily Telegraph newspaper. This career book is a step-by-step job-hunting manual for college & university leavers, and everyone else too. It covers:

Choosing a career
How to research a company

Applying for a job on spec
CVs & virtual CVs
Psychometric testing
Management tests 

The Cheque's in the Post.

Credit Control for the Small Business

This practical guide to credit control, published in 1998 by Kogan Page, covers all aspects of the subject, from initial assessment of a customer's credit worthiness through to legal action. It offers advice incorporating tried and tested techniques, sales letters and mini-cases to illustrate the information given.

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