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My psychometric test books are full of genuine tests by SHL plc, the biggest test publisher in the world. Their tests are used by over 95 per cent of the FTSE 100 companies to select staff, as do the police, Civil Service, local authorities, Armed Forces, Fire Service, financial institutions, retail, motor, power and IT industries...the list is endless. So if you're job-hunting, my books will give you the vital information and confidence you need, plus lots of practice.

Andrea Shavick's best-selling book Practice Pychometric Tests book
Andrea Shavick's best-selling Psychometric Tests for Graduates
Andrea Shavick's best-selling Psychometric & Assessment Tests
Andrea Shavick's best-selling How to Pass Psychometric Tests

Practice Psychometric Tests: How to Familiarise Yourself with Genuine Recruitment Tests and Get the Job you Want

  • 52 genuine practice tests from SHL, the biggest test publisher in the world.

  • 334 questions covering verbal, numerical, abstract and spatial reasoning, mechanical comprehension, fault diagnosis and accuracy

  • Example OPQ 32 personality questionnaire tests

  • Information about online psychometric tests.

  • Whether it's possible to cheat!

  • Improving exam technique, speed and concentration

Psychometric Tests For Graduates: Gain the confidence you need to excel at graduate-level psychometric and management tests

  •  37 genuine graduate-level practice tests from SHL

  • 227 questions covering verbal, numerical, abstract and spatial reasoning, mechanical comprehension, fault diagnosis, accuracy and personality

  • Practice Brainstorm, Scenarios and Fastrack management tests

  • Tips on how to improve your performance, plus valuable advice about:

  • Online psychometric tests

  • Researching your target employer

  • Assessment centre visits

  • Role-plays, group discussions, in-tray exercises and presentations

Management Level Psychometric & Assessment Tests: Everything you need to help you land that senior job

  • 37 genuine management-level practice psychometric tests from SHL

  • 360 questions covering verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and abstract reasoning

  • everything you need to know about personality questionnaires including the popular OPQ 32 personality questionnaire

  • A complete guide to what to expect and how to survive an assessment centre visit

  • Genuine Brainstorm, Scenarios and Fastrack management tests

  • Detailed information about the management-level 'behavioural simulations' such as role-plays, group discussions, business analysis, in-tray exercises and presentations

How to Pass Psychometric Tests: 3rd edition

All there is to know about psychometric tests: what they are, what they measure, who uses them, why they're used, how they're changing, how to survive them, and even how to avoid them altogether! Includes:


  • 35 different, genuine, practice tests from SHL

  • 265 questions covering verbal, numerical, abstract and spatial reasoning; mechanical comprehension; fault diagnosis; acuteness and personality


This book gives you the information, confidence and practice to pass psychometric tests.

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