You'll Soon Grow, Alex!

Alex doesn't like being little. It makes him very unhappy. "You'll soon grow, Alex," everyone says. But Alex can't wait - he wants to be bigger NOW!


Published in 2000 by Orchard Books (now Hatchette) this book is still selling around the world, translated into 15+ languages. Rights available.

The Truth About Babies

Are new babies cute, cuddly and adorable? No they're not. At last, a book that tells you the truth about babies, and what it's really like to become a big brother or sister.  

"Perceptive and funny" THE INDEPENDENT

"It should be regulation issue for every family intending to have more than one child" CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE WEEK, THE GUARDIAN 


Oxford University Press . Rights available.

The Truth About Families

Families are funny things. They can be large or small, normal or crazy, fun or embarrassing - families are all different. Sometimes your family is just great to be with, and sometimes, well...the truth is, you can't choose your family. You just have to learn to live with them!


Published by Oxford University Press. Rights available.

Stop Elephant, Stop!

Lizard is boiling hot, so he jumps into the water hole with a tiny little splash. Monkey decides to jump in too, then Zebra, then Giraffe. As the splashes get bigger, things soon spiral out of what on earth will happen when Elephant tries to jump in?