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Andrea Shavick's children's biography True Lives Roald Dahl
Andrea Shavick's funny children's book The Best Pet
Andrea Shavick's clever interactive CD Rom story Danger! Monsters! Aliens!
Andrea Shavick's children's book Zap and the Alien

True Lives - Roald Dahl

the Champion Storyteller

This Roald Dahl biography for children (and fans of Dahl of any age) tells the story of this remarkable man who was not only a famous author, but a boxing champion, a fighter pilot, and an inventor who saved thousands of lives. Bet you didn't know that!

This book is part of the True Lives series published by Oxford University Press around the world. KS2 exam text in the UK     

The Best Pet

Alex's friends all have pets for the pet contest, and he doesn't want to be left out. 

Published by Rigby as part of their Lighthouse Purple series      

Danger! Monsters! Aliens!

It's 'Take Your Kids to Work' day and Emma, Alex and Luca go on a visit to the space station where their dad works. But there's a shock in store - somehow the entire crew has disappeared!

Luca and his pet pig decide to explore anyway and soon find themselves on a strange yellow planet, where the aliens say the words  'Yummy' a little too often...


Sound effects and animation bring this humorous space adventure to life. Interactive CD Rom. Reading age 7-8. Teacher's book included

Zap and the Alien

Zap has two heads and a pet dinosaur. Alex has one head and two bikes. But who is the alien?

Published by Oxford University Press as part of the Oxford Literary Web Spider series for Y4 pupils

Andrea Shavick's children's book The King Next Door

The King who lives Next Door 

Three children discover the man next door is really the king of a magical city, full of fairies, elves, pixies and dinosaurs...where the sky is pink, the grass is blue and the clouds are yellow with purple spots and everyone has a wonderful time until a terrible monster threatens to destroy everything...

This personalised children's book was published in 2003 by Appletree Press and Hovis Bread in aid of the NSPCC children's charity and Parentline Scotland. Story rights available.

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