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Not Going Into Shops

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Hi people. This is my first blog since lockdown ended in the UK and I want to write about my new normal which is currently NOT going into shops.

Like a lot of people, feeling confident about going back into bricks-and-mortar shops is a slow process for me. I’m still worried about catching COVID-19, especially if the shop uses air conditioning or is busy, or you have to queue to pay. I’m pleased that you now have to wear a mask and this could give me the confidence boost I need, but it’s also mandatory on the Tube in London but many people on that don’t bother.

And if I do go shopping, will it be enjoyable? I used to love mooching around clothes shops and trying stuff on…mooching was the essential joy of the thing. Now it’s a quick dash in and out with no trying on - where’s the fun in that?

Some clothes retailers are even saying please don’t touch anything unless you’re serious about buying. Which I understand. But how can you be ‘serious’ about buying, let’s say, a sweater, until you’ve picked it up, put it on, and then pranced around in front of a mirror while convincing yourself this sweater is far more attractive than the shedload of sweaters you already have?

Not going into shops is better for me financially, and obviously there’s still the COVID-19 risk factor, but I don’t want the high street to die either. I want to support those businesses, not watch them disappear. Online shopping is quick and easy, assuming you know exactly what you want, but nothing beats the pleasure of actually seeing and feeling (if you’re allowed to) the actual product. So what am I going to do? For me right now, the jury’s still out.

Andrea Shavick July 2020

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