Videos of andrea

Videos of andrea
Here are some links to videos of Andrea reading her children's poems. 

Andrea reading Little Miss Muffett and Grandma was Eaten by a Shark!
Here I'm one of a number of poets and am about 25 minutes 40 seconds into the video 
Here Andrea is part of Poets do it Anywhere in Bristol
She's near the beginning of the video
A Folly of Poets: the out-takes
A group of children's poets meet up to record some poetry videos - it didn't go to plan!
Andrea reading Lucky Escape 
A rather damning comment on marriage...and how to avoid it!
Andrea reading School Report 
and getting a bit cross
And now here are some links for Andrea's poems being read by other people online: 
Elle performing Auntie Betty thinks she's Batgirl 
A cute and very confident performance by Elle - well done!
Astrophysicist Greg Hammett reads Black Holes
Here's Princeton astrophysicist Greg Hammett trying to keep a straight face (and failing!) 
Auntie Betty thinks she's Batgirl performed at the Hong Kong Speech Festival
Andrea's poems go around the world just like her Auntie Betty

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