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General Poems
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Mr. Víctor Martín, Plasencia, SPAIN

We are what we are
drafts of what we want to be

I got nothing under the skin:
a bit of pulsing wood
that sometimes catches on fire and suddenly
takes up its vegetable instincts

I gave you everything I had left
I have nothing else to add:
Every life holds a death
Not every death had a chance at life

I have no phoenix soul

I'm keeping a bullet
Made of lead and caramel
Made of gunpowder and velvet
For getting through such sour life

I'm going to sew myself a pair of wings
so I can take flight
I keep no back up copy
of my memory.

Lady at Govan Mbeki Avenue
Mr. G.E. Raulisa, Cape Town, RSA
She was gesturing a queer instruction
When I stood peering in bewilderment
Until she urged a loud cry that
Died along its passing between
The barmy throngs, and then eventually
As she scraped through the swarms
Of men in the haste of own demands,
I afforded but to snatch a phrase
That saw my head turning in
Belated alarm because by then
Of course; I'd already been mugged.
Poem by Kashif Ali Abbas, Pakistan
Into the universe of glitter, 
time machine proves wit 
of man's liberty to risk 
all. Free thinkers or 
Newton's followers as we call.
Often one genius serves the whole 
mankind in benefits of eternity. 
What a marvel!
Near the first heaven, resides
the seven headed monster- of whose 
fear made all humans afraid, and 
at times trembling and shaking. 
Echoing with courage the daemon 
rises, flies in glory, till 
man killed the ill beast 
of fear. 
A prose of logic marks
sheer wisdom to sustain, 
through agony and pain, 
of knowledge's door we come 
from. Yes, right there
discoveries kiss, inventions 
are born. You may not like 
to achieve, but least you could try, 
if wit marries you in the bond
of knowledge, the ultimate child is 
Stephen Mitchell, Manchester UK

At the feet of the giants there can be no light,
Casting no shadows through day and through night,
We make way for the beast on it's way to the cull,
Kissing its toes as it returns home full,
No grey,
No light,
Just black,
No white,

They tend to their own in the clouds above,
Unreached, untouched, uneffected by love,
Thinner the air much harder to breath,
Enough in the pockets to cause a reprieve,
No eyes,
No sight,
Just black,
No white,

Slowly marching as one but separated,
Judging the waste the giants have defocated,
Passing our fallen dead without passion,
Ruthlessly grabbing our rights and our ration,
No bark,
No bite,
Just black,
No white,

So heavy their bags, so full of our souls,
Regardless of path, we do as we're told,
Machines in hand to tell us whats true,
without a religion, im a person like you,
No martyr,
No fight,
Just black,
No white
Walking on the streets i look at the sweets,
Hoping i could buy any ,
but in my pocket there's no money
I see people wearing clothes,
but there's nothing to cover my toes,
Hoping i could buy any but in my pocket there's no money
People meet each other every day,
 but they only try to send me away.
hoping i could meet any but in my pocket there's no money.
Is the flower the Archbishop of a cathedral
Called tree?
-Seshendra Sharma 
Squirrels, birds and insects visit
Its branches like compelled consciences 
For a confession
To unload their chest, of echoes
Of the brutality they commit on fruits
The innocent citizens of the vegetable countries
The flower presides 
Over the winged and unwinged creatures
Of creation and impart to their lives
The aesthetics of silence
Night is the contemplative mood
Of the garden and the garden
The dream of the night
As the garden lies serene in sleep
Under the  stars
Of the dark blue night
It unfolds itself as a great civilization
Of symbols
Meadows of metaphors
Float in the depths of the leafy dream
Of a tiny bird gathered into its wings
In the quintessence of the branch-
In the hermitage of flowers
All colors lead to the destination of the saffron-

by Mario William Vitale age 41 from Wolcott, Ct.
A sound in deep reflection,  
In matters of service through a barrage of mediocrity torn...
A given sadness sets into focus, 
In sullen clefts chosen amoong men...
With a sound filled with sadness then a glimpse of heaven, 
Among silence derives happiness...
The third degree toward the omniscent catalyst
Within a direct correlation within friends;
In sullen demise grafted in the wind shattered as glass
Now is brought desolate among matters;
Among broken shattered glass yet tampered;
Through a shade of grey paradox...
Only to drift or rationalize this very notion in thought could end in

Spring by Sheila Farrer

Warm winds blow, over melting snow,
exposing growth from the earth below,
soon forgotten is Winter's bite,
Soon be gone,long winters nights,
All that live on earth and wing,
Gladly welcome the call of Spring,
Daffodils,smoothing earthly beds
displaying proudly,golden heads,
Fruit trees now all in bloom
heavenly scented, Like a sweet perfume,
Snowdrop,Daphne,Jasmine too,
Saying, Welcome Spring
Denielle Jan Patayon
NHA,Kauswagan,Cagayan de Oro City,Philippines

It s not easy to pretend that you're okay
Especially when you feel so much dismay
No one understands your feeling
Even your heart that is beating

Yes, we have to accept the fact
That in this world you can never turn your life back
Only you can make your life happy
Unless your heart is at ease completely

When you re down and trouble
When you fall and then stumble
Don t just give up easily
Stand up and face the reality

Sometimes, we forget to call his name
Particularly when we already have our fame
When we are suffering from pain
We simply pray so insane

We don't know that time is so precious
We even not notice that we re not anymore conscious
About the things we usually achieve
But forget ourselves to believe

Our world now that we are living
Is totally chaotic and misleading
We forget to live the life that is so priceless
Let's begin again to live to the fullest
Gillian Clarke
When all's said, and done,
if civilisation drowns
the last colour to go
will be gold -
the light on a glass,
the prow of a gondola,
the name on a rosewood piano
as silence engulfs it.
And first to return
to a waterlogged world, 
the rivers slipping out to sea,
the cities steaming,
will be gold,
one dip from Bellini's brush,
feathers of angels, Cinquecente nativities,
and all that follows.
by Mr. Bhuwan Thapaliya, Kathmandu, Nepal 
It's a long, 
long way 
from the FAO 
to the empty stomachs 
in Dafur and Somalia 
than it is from, 
to the Moon.
Zombies (What In Your Head)
   by  Dc88crx
      Dont feel right with no facebook
      My i.d. card
      As a digital book,
      Save space in my wallet
      But my mind it's took
      Constantly refreshing
      To see what dribbles been wrote.
      The mass production of my life
      Big tv, fast cars
      Such a delight,
      Seems what really matters
      Been bred from my mind
      All thanks to this illusion
      That we call time.
      Society complains
     That everything has changed
      But when we buys in so easy
      It's all fair game. 
BRAMBLE GATES by Satish Verma
      Hauled up 
      the breast suture. 
      You were following the milk route, 
      epitomizing the fall. From the 
      golden clouds. Wanting to 
      swim in blue veins, 
      you were drowned. The fire 
      has spurted the blood. A carbon 
      copy of exit strategy 
      in your hands, you unreel 
      the chains of libido in failed 
      state of limbs. 
      The cartel has littered 
      the street with gentle greens, 
      to buy the lips. Spurned
      lover commits a suicide.
      Isioma Esemene, Lagos Nigeria
      Segun my child! My son!
      Soon, the cock will crow at dawn
      And the east will showcase the sun
      Soon, you will leave my home, 
      To found your own
      With words of wisdom, you won't be alone.
      Like a mini-skirt, advice is too short
      But it covers the body's vital lot.
      Hear me.
      Your brother is not your friend,
      He is another you, but independent
      So your love for one another, allow no dent
      For the sons of men
      Every journey far destination brings
      Nature presents a transport means
      The snow has the snow dogs
      The desert has the camels
      The long distant road has the horse
      Even technology came to aid us
      For the road, we have the cars
      For the seas and ocean, the ship
      For the rail, the train
      The sky has the airplane
      All, to lead us through our destiny lane
      That is it with man's life and the battle in it
      For whatever fate comes to us, so be it
      As the future hungers like a wild beast
      Likewise on it, your eyes be firmly fixed
      Take a deep breath my child, and learn this
      Every master was once an apprentice
      Be it the prophets or the dentists
      Fate is most times very unfair
      Be not defeated by the things you saw
      For life is more like war
      And all is fair in love and war.
      But whatever life's battle you face
      Nature will surely with remedy surface.
      When you fall or fail
      Don t ceaselessly wail
      Inhale count to ten, and then exhale
      Turn stumbling block to stepping stone,
      So the builders reject, will be chief cornerstone
      Two Demi-gods are on man's destiny entrance
      Their names, Consistency and Perseverance
      Segun, to them, you must bow
      No matter what, no matter how
      On their feet, bring your head down
      I know my son, I know,
      That adventure is the blood of the youths
      But by rushing the moment, the petals are bruised
      So, calmly assimilate my child, calm study
      For so, Apostle Paul admonished Timothy
      Never be the first to hate
      But to forgive, be the first and be in haste
      My son, all humans can't love you
      If they all do, then they want to kill you
      Likewise, all humans can't hate you
      If they all do, then they want the best for you
      What people suffer to get, yet you so easily get
      That you must never despise
      For it is your miracle in disguise
      For the sons of men,
      Me, myself and I comes first
      Don't follow that context
      If you find the opportunity to rule
      My son, take the alternative to lead
      For where rulers doom, leaders bloom
      When fortune knocks on your door,
      Be quick to offer him a sit
      Use your wisdom and condor
      To keep him and give him no exit
      And when finally you find, 
      That friends are not brothers
      Always be kind, my son, be kind 
      Forgive the pains of their blunders
Worlds Apart by Cima Azimi 
      I cannot get to you
      We go on in seperate worlds
      Time does not change its hours
      Something s lost and found
      A dream that brings me to you
      To wander without reason
      Wherever you are un-searching
      A relentless feeling unchanging
      You open the heart that only breaks
      You sing songs that make the world cry
      I never see the eyes behind the mask
      The shadowy eyes witholding
      A lonely world in life or death non-ending
      Dreaming upon a dream in vain
      To return to these four walls
      To see the sinking sky
      From the barrior of a window in which I gaze
      This false way of living
      This great battle I fight alone
      The self in the shadow to light flickers.
Shadows by Cima Azimi
     The night leaves the world behind 
     Where dreams call my eyes to close
      To drift away where every thought is laid to rest
      Or in nightmare the hidden self returns
      To tell the truth amid the shadows
      The self un-known
      The world that changed within the curtains closing
      Words play as music to the ears that will not listen
      Somehow I am different but do not know why
      To those who lose themselves a menacing clock chimes
      Or a bell tolls in the distance of phantom time turning
      Stealing the heart to mystery and magic
      Travelling in the mind to a temple beyond the slope of golden sand
      Seeing as one who searches
      Waiting as one who recieves
      Far from the distant ocean concealing of its treasures
      Enchanted by some melancholy space of nowhere
      I could sit as an unknown and live out all the days.

Poem by C Stevens
      When I grow up a pirate is the job I m going to do  ..
      Or maybe an explorer in the depths of dark Peru !
      Perhaps even a spaceman who rockets round the sun .
      No wait, I know a zoo keeper is surely lots of fun.
      I could decide to be a knight who guards the castle gates .
      Or better still, a circus strongman lifting heavy weights.
      A fire-fighter sounds exciting sliding down a pole .
      Or a famous football star who scores the winning goal.
      I m sure each of these grown up jobs would really be a joy
      I think tonight I ll sleep on it it s quite cool being a boy. 
Stop Bullying by Nuno Vaz
      s: is for sadness which i feel
      t: is for the tears trickling down my face
      o: is for offending which they do to me
      p: is for picking on me
      b: is for bullying and how horrible it is
      u: is for upsetting which i always feel
      l: is for lying when confronted
      l: is for laughing when they see I'm upset
      y: is for `why me`
      i: is for ignoring which i rather they do
      n: is for nasty for the names they call me
      g: is for ganging up on me
      for Julia Densham by Mike Johnson
      that an orange
      wasn't orange;
      that all oranges
      grew blue.
      True, we might have to fake a name 
      for when yellow's mixed with red,
      make up a shade, instead.
      Mmm, would a blue fruit's juice
      taste strange;
      in what ways may it change?
      Blue oranges,
      blue oranges,
      blue oranges...
Andrea Shavick
A big boy plays a mournful piece
It’s not exactly a masterpiece
I want to know - how many to go?
Another one - the whole damn form
I clap politely, stifle a yawn
Go with the flow - how many to go?
I try my best to stay awake
Amuse myself with their mistakes
My head hangs low - how many to go?
Now my child's turn! He plays with ease
I glare at one who dares to sneeze
I strain my neck, can hardly breathe
I’m all aglow - the tears, they flow
He finishes.
I cheer!
We go.
Andrea Shavick
Into my consciousness seeps
The sound of the rain
Tap, tap, tapping and knocking
On my windowpane
Louder now, more insistent
Hammering the glass
Like waves crashing, and the wind
Howling and raging
Warm in my bed, I huddle
Tense and un-breathing
While outside, swirling devils
Demand admittance
Gradually, the clattering
Is soothed by silence,
The enveloping silence
The silence of sleep

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