Broken Heart Poems

Broken Heart Poems
This section features some extremely beautiful poems. 

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Poem by Keshawna Miller:
Why are my feelings steady growing for you?
Our love is never going to be new
I wish they will go away
It hurts me to the heart everyday.
In my heart I now know
That me and you was a long time ago
You stabbed a knife in my heart
And how it is steady coming apart
Your love was all over me
But I guess it want ment for us to be
I finally must admit
That my life isn't the same without you in it
Mr. G.E. Raulisa, Cape Town, RSA
In the song and the laughter and the tears,
And the eyes and the ears and through the lips;
For days and weeks and months that turned to years
It burnt and leapt and never succumbed to Fate.
For love is Destiny, and knows no bounds
Though in the heart of the sea of violent currents
I'd often felt it easier to set out for the shore
Than to hope for my head to abide above the water.
So I lay, wiggling in the confines of the stupor
Hoping to nudge a door back to the real world
Where I'm free from love and desire, safe against pain
But there I'd died once and could no more live.
And she was there still as blind, as beautiful
Singing and laughing and shedding onion tears
Never thinking a fool like me could seek more than her friendship
As I figured how in the name of love I'd take her in.
Today, many an age later, she's my best friend still
And tomorrow will say her wedding vows
Receive my blessing and set out for honeymoon
To explore new love, and probably conceive my brother's child.
Rainbows no more
                W.J.Calvert Jr.    Ocala, Florida
I look upon the morning sky and see the coming storm 
Behind my though the sun does rise pale light and rays of warm
And as I wonder to what this day will call
Gently softly now the rain begins to fall
And through the mist ahead of me a rainbow in the sky
The Master's promise given from an ancient day gone by
One of peace and hope endured 
Dare I believe the promise I'm assured
Quickly passes though the calmness of the morn
Fast upon me now is the raging of the storm
Pain and fury like none I'd hope to see
She tears and rips at me and brings me to my knees 
Her anguish flows from deep within
The torments of another's sin
With lightning thunder it all unfolds
And through tears like rain her story told
My world is black and the winds they groan
But for all of this it is mine to own
The storm at hand was brought by me
Through calloused heart I set it free
The storm has settled no longer does she rage
And as in fate and fairy tale we turn the  page
Alone I stand outside her closed tight door
And for me there shall be rainbows no more
Richa Kashyap, Bangalore, India
Don't think I write for you, 
my words are just mine, 
you happen to be my subject, 
mystery, moody, undefined. 
You are like my words,
struggling for expression, 
Going wrong most of the time, 
with no sense of direction. 
I am the creator, 
I am the poet,
I struggle to put you in place
the adoration that I ode you with...
is my imagination, not your face. 
Poem by James Cecil
In solitude, I search for will
To mend my soul, and shed the chill
Of broken love, the loss, and fears
I taste this day- with salty tears.
Memories - are but the foe
That drags my fractured spirit slow
My children's voices cast no balm
 I search for hope, through prayer or psalm.
For only light of each day new
With all its promise, fresh and true
Can lead me to that phantom spark
That draws in hope, and lights the dark.
My friend is time; its patient will
Each passing day make dull the nil
That left me empty - duped of trust
A sunlit day precedes the dusk.
The Dusk is tired; a weary yawn  
My slumber calms until the dawn
I wake on wings of pains' full scope
This new day born - I ache for hope.

Where i want to go 
Poem by Mike Brennan
The bruises fade but the scars remain,
Another source of life-long pain, 
My heart remains in your secure possession, 
I can deal with that but I have a confession, 
Infidelity has crossed my mind, 
My apologies but I'm just trying to find, 
Freedom, trust and a little love too, 
Evidently I'm not getting that from you, Yet despite knowing this I
remain in your keeping,
No respite, no escape except when I'm sleeping,
Though sometimes my dreams are plagued with your face,
My once-little world now too crowded a place,
I'm never alone, you're always inside,
I've nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Bitten by absence
by Kirthu
Are you there,my brother?
The silence replied.
I want to see you,
The darkness responded.
The tears of mine replaced your presence.
How can I ever forget you?
Everything brings back your memories to me.
You must be somewhere around here,
And you can't hide from me.
'Cause my heart can catch sight of you.
The tears on my cheeks remind me of your weeks.
The tears remained wet and set the heart in pain,
Hope the tears will dry along with the pain.
Poem by Mildred Adams

      I throught it was true but yet again you lie to me. 
      You have me believe that we were going to be but yet again I am
     Sitting here all alone. Still my love for you burn deep inside my
      Heart and it will never go away
O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, 
  Alone and palely loitering? 
The sedge has wither’d from the lake, 
  And no birds sing.  
O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms!        
  So haggard and so woe-begone? 
The squirrel’s granary is full, 
  And the harvest’s done.  
I see a lily on thy brow 
  With anguish moist and fever dew,         
And on thy cheeks a fading rose 
  Fast withereth too.  
I met a lady in the meads, 
  Full beautiful—a faery’s child, 
Her hair was long, her foot was light,         
  And her eyes were wild.  

I made a garland for her head, 
  And bracelets too, and fragrant zone; 
She look’d at me as she did love, 
  And made sweet moan.          
I set her on my pacing steed, 
  And nothing else saw all day long, 
For sidelong would she bend, and sing 
  A faery’s song.  
She found me roots of relish sweet,          
  And honey wild, and manna dew, 
And sure in language strange she said— 
  "I love thee true.”  
She took me to her elfin grot, 
  And there she wept, and sigh’d fill sore,         
And there I shut her wild wild eyes 
  With kisses four.  
And there she lulled me asleep, 
  And there I dream’d—Ah! woe betide! 
The latest dream I ever dream’d          
  On the cold hill’s side.  
I saw pale kings and princes too, 
  Pale warriors, death-pale were they all; 
They cried—"La Belle Dame sans Merci 
  Hath thee in thrall!”          
I saw their starved lips in the gloam, 
  With horrid warning gaped wide, 
And I awoke and found me here, 
  On the cold hill’s side.  
And this is why I sojourn here,          
  Alone and palely loitering, 
Though the sedge is wither’d from the lake, 
  And no birds sing.

by AS, London, UK
Thank you for supper, he says,
as you drop the plates and
throw them across the room.
Shall I make tea? he says,
as you fill the kettle,
find the cups,
rinse the plates, and cut yourself
on a knife he’s left
the wrong way up
in the dishwasher.
I’ll do that, he says,
but you’re too busy
swigging the washing up liquid,
gouging the work surface,
disembowelling the washing machine,
blow-torching the shirts,
spearing the goldfish
and scalding yourself with tea
to reply.
Why are you always too tired? he says,
but the thunderous din of the
relentless, unremitting conveyor belt
of slave-labour
has already lulled you into
a false sense of...
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