Romantic Poems

Romantic Poems
Some lovely romantic poems here - enjoy. ** Please note we are not accepting any new poems at the moment ** 

Poem by Doug Robbins
Cascasding hair shimmering in the pie crust sun.
Lips so soft my lips part them with a kiss sweeter than a peppermint
Standing next to a sea so small our love dwarfs it so.
Julie and I our love will always blessed be!
One Summer Afternoon
By Richa Kashyap, Bangalore India
I still feel your eyes, 
looking in to mine...
one summer afternoon. 
The dry hot air, 
gradually turning hotter, 
as you look with surprise, 
and then with love...
one summer afternoon.
I don't know, 
if it is a question or an answer...
the expression floating in your eyes, right now..
I am struck in the moment, 
my wrist clutched in ur palms
and for me, time has stopped here in...
one summer afternoon.
I feel your breath on my cheeks 
and you say nothing.
And I don't think, I can frame a question for you right now.
I close my eyes and I feel you closer.
everything is warm and cosy.
I feel your hands are hot and so are your lips
there is a  strange comfort in this warmness..
As if we are meant to be, 
the way we were
one summer afternoon.
Poem by Jaymie Trickett

Poem: Rain dropping down from the sky's above 
Letting the rain pour on me like a grasp of love 
Clouds setting thunder and lightning strike down 
Rain brings people sadness but on my face there is no frown
The weather doesn't complete my mood or control me 
For other people it sends there motions uncontrollably
Open your mind think positive no matter what the outcome 
There is always someone worst off so see where there coming from 
Follow your dreams forget about the past 
Open up your heart to something that is Gunna last 
But don't just open it to any person on this earth 
Make sure it's Gunna be with someone who shows you what's your worth 
Have some self respect and love yourself 
Because if you don't love yourself how can you protect someone else's
Let my words guide you to a better place
Together we can all make a perfect race
It's not your skin colour it's what deep inside 
Everyone deals with there emotions differently wether they let it out
or hide
So love people for who they are and shower them with your love
Hold there hand kiss them while rain drops on you from the sky's above.
I haven't told anyone
Shahla Roshani from Iran
I haven't told anyone, i haven't
Even to the socked sails of our ship,
Even to your far and loveless hands
Even to the wind drifted me out towards cheerful passengers
I will leave your shore of love
And i will drop my tears at the far side of the sea,
 Where the dawn is the only tie of our homelands,
I haven't told anyone, i haven't
Even to the eyes of moms who looking fervently forwards
Even to the albatross,
Why can't you hear my beating heart anymore?
I can't believe
You can't see my hairs in the hands of winds
While pleading towards your homeland
I haven't told anyone, but i want to tell you
You, who left me alone in a sadness avenue,
I will put my ring in a pear-less oyster on the shore
Open the oyster
Perhaps it will reflect a light from the distant sea
Brightness, though not of your lovely eyes that can trick my broken
Maybe i see a furrow on your brow, a teardrop, which shows the glory of
our love
Don't let me travel alone,
Don' t let me lean on the shoulder of pain
Call me name, i shall return
But if you don't, i will go
And never tell anyone
Where i want to go 
by Elias Foukis

 If we two
 loved each other for one
whole day
 the next morning
 we would awaken with the
 that employing the same
 we would be able to love all
year round...
 Since we two
 would love the whole year
 like a clear horizon would
 before us the idea
 that in contrast to the
of the light of eyes
 our love would be always
brighter and brighter
 for the entire century.

 And if we two
 could manage such a miracle
 light and guileless as all
speeds are
 we would race along in the
 that we might well love
 for all the Centuries.

 This final thought,however,
 would be quite burdensome..
 and severely punished
 the Gods of Olympus with
supreme charge
 '' For giving  humanity the
     of Happiness''
 and under the weight of her
 may die.
 Translation by PHILIP RAMP
Dear Princess
by Wayne 
Every time I read your words, I want to get to know you,
every time I see your fine photos, I just want to meet you,
every time I see your beautiful lips, I want to kiss you,
every time I look at your beautiful eyes - I'm mesmerised by you,
The last two relationships you had: those two guys treated you badly, 
I think they where crazy,
I think they where crazy to let you go, 
your like a beautiful white dove - pure and innocent, gentle, graceful
and so sweat, 
your the kind of person I've been longing to meet.
I think any guy would be lucky to have you, 
I think God put you on this earth so that people will adore you,
your body is precious,
your mind and spirit is priceless,
I want us to be happy so that nothing comes between us,
My beautiful princess, I want you to be my Queen.
A Beacon Of Light 
Mario William Vitale, Wolcott, Ct. 06716

A whisper was softly heard
As the novice takes note
In the distance a glimmering light;
Reflections of our past in view...
Shadows proned into desolation
To equate logic persuasion
As a beacon of light to a hurting world,
Just can't help but to claim an intent or answer.
Gone our the days in ways
These are uncertain times
For many have tasted ill but faded rhymes;
Send the troops home
No reason for them to roam
The casualties are enormous
For a stated cause that's atrocious.
Yet the beacon of light shines forth;
Passerby's can't escape the helping hand of its sparkling radiance!
On The Train
Gillian Clarke
Cradled through England between flooded fields
rocking, rocking the rails, my head-phones on,
the black box of my Walkman on the table.
Hot tea trembles in its plastic cup.
I'm thinking of you waking in our bed
thinking of me on the train. Too soon to phone.
The radio speaks in the suburbs, in commuter towns,
in cars unloading children at school gates,
is silenced in dark parkways down the line
before locks click and footprints track the frost
and trains slide out of stations in the dawn
dreaming their way towards the blazing bone-ship.
The vodaphone you are calling
may have been switched off.
Please call later. And calling later,
calling later their phones ring in the rubble
and in the rubble of suburban kitchens
the wolves howl into silent telephones.
I phone. No answer. Where are you now?
The train moves homeward through the morning
Tonight I'll be home safe, but talk to me, please.
Pick up the phone. Today I'm tolerant
of mobiles. Let them say it. I'll say it too.
Darling, I'm on the train.
      Anna, London, UK
      On my clothes, on my bed, your scent lingers welcomely 
      you return my tshirt i left you wearing and it smells like
      the softness of your lips and the warmth in your eyes entraps in
      my memory
      I listen to music that reminds me of your smile and all is but
      near perfect 
       Around you I am
      confident and yet cautious, 
      hopeful yet realistic, 
      trapped but not smothered        
      between us is something inescapable and indescribable, something
      in which no one else can relate.
      it's only you who can turn my wooden heart.
Poem by Wale Ajanosi
 The drums beats heavely, it is a marriage. An infant sits gently
      on the eyelids of his mother. Love is in the air. It is a surreal
      dance. The adults are drinkin palm wine. The bride lives for the
      wind, and is passionate about the waters. Which only Osun

      by Matt Goodfellow, Manchester, UK 
      Strange to think that far away
      you watch the softly dying day 
      whilst here the light is fresh and new 
      and warms me with the thought of you.
William Shakespeare
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed,
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed:
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st,
Nor shall death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st,
   So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
   So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

One I love, two I love,
Three I love I say;
Four I love with all my heart,
Five I cast away.
Six he loves, seven she loves,
Eight they love together;
Nine he comes, ten he tarries,
Eleven he woos, and twelve he marries.

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