Recommended Psychometric & Job-hunting Websites

Here's the current list - if you know of any other good ones please tell us via Contact Andrea and we'll include it.
SHL authored all the tests in Andrea's psychometric test books.
Their site features careers guidance, assessment centre advice and free practice tests.
Wechsler IQ tests 
Free IQ Tests for adults and children here
IQ Test Prep
IQ tests fun and useful when preparing for an IQ test.
IQ, aptitude and personality tests, plus lots of fun tests too.
Are you an Artisan, Guardian, Rational or Idealist? Find out here.
US site offering free tests on personality, career values, interests and competencies.
Includes some IQ tests
Entertaining personality questionnaire site
This site is mainly aimed at employers but includes information on
the widely used MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality questionnaire.

Graduate sites:
Find out about graduate recruiters, vacancies, recruitment events,
recruitment agencies plus news and advice.
Extensive site for graduates, with loads of career and job-hunting advice, plus jobs.
Information on hundreds of different careers.
Good recruitment site especially for IT.

Other good recruitment sites
Very interesting articles, job-hunting and career information.
Good IT recruitment site recommended by one of Andrea's readers 
Easy-to-use UK job search engine accesses all the big recruitment sites.

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