Example School Visit Poems

Here are some poems written by junior school children during a couple of Andrea's poetry workshops

The first section contains poems of a specific stle called Kennings written by children aged 9-11 at CS School, Herts. At the end of this section there is group poem written by 7-9 year olds in Year 3 & 4. It's a great poem, and the noise they all made shouting out their ideas almost blew the roof off - which is exactly how good poetry should be written!

Following on from this is a group of poems written by 8 year olds at High Beeches School, Harpenden, Herts.


Mothers by Talia S.

Cross shouter,
Mad stresser,
Annoying moaner,
Constant chatterer,
Money spender,
Weird dresser,
Hard worker,
Kind carer,
Homework helper,
Snug hugger.


Who? by Andrew B. and Jack P.

Hat trick hero,
Never zero,
Goalies nightmare,
Goal scorer,
Goal gleaner,
World cup dreamer,
Ball screamer,
Born leader,
Bench hater,
Fast runner,
Ball swinger,
Golden footer,
The one and only,


Who? By Nicky G., Charlie C. and Nathan S.

Homework giver,
Toy taker,
Good singer,
Bad marker,
Time waster,
Strict monster,
Fun snatcher,
Spell checker,
Point awarder,
Rule checker,
Test giver,
Treat taker


Who? By Liane S. and Colby P.

Fierce fighter,
Nail biter,
Gum chewer,
Fast racer,
Girl chaser,
Loud shouter,
Football player,
Nose picker,
Sweaty pits,
Keeper of all nits!


The Snake by Ashton S. and Sarah A.

Slimy slitherer,
Poison giver,
Flesh ripper,
Blood sipper,
Bone cruncher,
Meat muncher,
Finger clipper,
Tail whipper,
Kid napper,
Fierce grabber,
Whole swallower,
Trail follower,
Quick snapper,
Flea catcher,
Sips the river,
Makes you shiver.

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Teachers by David W.

Playtime takers,
Funtime breakers,
Homework markers,
Breaktime stoppers,
Bell ringers,
Hometime haters,
Work setters,
Loud shouters.


The Rollercoaster by Ellie S. and Sophie J.

Vomit maker,
Brain shaker,
Head whizzer,
Tummy fizzer,
Eye swirler,
Hair twirler,
Sick machine,
Makes you green.
Turning corners,


Crazy shaking,
Back breaking,
Spine cracking,
Breath taking,
Nearly there, watch out for the scare!
Faster, faster,
Brain blaster,
Broken backs on fierce-some tracks!
Last of all,
The scary fall!


Greedy Guts by Zoe R-D, Leah S. and Sasha K

Starving hater,
Cheese grater,
Chocolate hogger,
Candy scoffer,
Crisp cruncher,
Biscuit muncher,
Lollypop licker,
Over fed sicker.
Ice cream slurper,
Dessert wanter,
Food grabber,
Belly slapper,
Gum chewer,
Meat eater,
Food reserver,
Extraordinary eater!

Jelly Fish by Sophie S. and Katie S.

Kid stinger,
Plaster bringer,
Pink bouncer,
Sea flouncer,
Ocean eater,
Fish beater,
Body yummy,
Big tummy!
Thin ball,
Big or small,


Wolf by Clara F.

Fast runner,
Snow lover,
Hungry eater,
Meat grabber,
Good smeller,
Cub maker,
Soft licker,
Hard biter!


‘Groan-Ups’ by Ricky F., Lee S. and Adam R.

Veggie lovers,
Play time breakers,
Sweet killers,
Dream snatchers,
Care takers,
Big buyers,
Stress keepers,
Morning wakers,
Fun spoilers,
Chocolate snatchers,
Money givers!


Dog by Daniel B.

Bone eater,
Loud barker,
Fast runner,
Sock chewer,
Ball player,
Car chaser,
Silky squeaker,
Fur stroker.

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Boys by Zoe P., Amy J., Daniella C. and Jordanna Z.

Girl lovers,
Weird brothers,
Huge eaters,
Smelly feeters,
Football crazy,
Always lazy,
Showy off-y,
Kinda bossy,
Hair gel,
Bad smell,
Big tell tail,
Don’t do well,
Bad fashion,
No passion,
On a mission,
Raid the kitchen,
Want a kiss,
Think I’ll miss!
Out of power,
Thick as flour,
They are about, believe me,


Family by Natalie, Dana and Maital.

Fat mother,
Crazy brother,
Ugly sister,
Screaming father,
Crying baby,
Shouting granny,
Angry auntie,
Horrid cousin,
Terrible uncle,
Glad my family is so normal!


Sister by Josh and Omri

Horrid and mean,
Shouting machine,
Trouble creator,
Excellent faker,
Good liar,
Careless denier,
Toy destroyer,
Evil annoyer,
Name caller,
Destruction ruler,
Food thrower,
Breaking borrower.


Homework by Elad and Max

Weekend stealer,
Brain ruiner,
Depression starter,
T.V. taker,
Argument starter,
Daylight blocker,
Brain killer,
Playstation grabber,
Knowledge increaser,
Game Boy murderer,
Sleep taker,
Spelling helper,
Grades raiser,
Family breaker!


The Magic Box by Years 3 & 4

Inside the magic box is a secret,
It might be….

A headless genie playing footie for Arsenal,
A wooden-legged dragon riding on a dragonfly,
A midget, baby ghost reading the Torah,
A short-sighted train playing darts in the pub,
A red, hot, burning Planet Earth sumo wrestling with Mars.

Whatever it is, we’ll never know.....
The secret is locked up inside.



High Beeches Primary School's selection for World Book Day
is all about families:

Anthony's Family
Dad - strong, boastful, washing the car furiously.
Mum - peaceful, caring, hoovering loudly.
My brother - silly, annoying, playing with toys furiously.

Joe's Friends
James - groovy, small.
Dad - cool, loving, playing on the coimputer cheerfully.
Mum - caring, loving, washing up angrily.
Ted - fluffy, beany, lying down frozen.

David's Friends
Dad - large, strong, cooking cheerfully.
Charles - friendly, caring, playing happily.
Grandma - happy, calm, getting into her car calmly.
Me - friendly, tall, playing nicely.

Stephen's Family
Mum - fun loving, typing speedily.
Dad - caring, stressful, driving crazily.

Willow's Friends
Mum - loving, caring, perfect in every way.
Dad - short, fun working quickly.
Honi - groovy, energetic, running crazily.
Harriet - fun, pretty, dancing intently.

Gemma's Friends
Uncle Rob - jolly, caring, teaching angrily.
Laura - happy, tall, reading furiously.
Dad - energetic, calm, teaching sleepily.
Willow - caring, groovy, dancing crazily.
Emily - friendly, happy, reading cheerfully.
Louise - groovy, mad, painting carefully.

Hannah's Friends
Abi - funky, friendly, partying crazily.
Ollie - crazy, funny, joking cheerfully.

Emily's friends
Mum - loving, caring, working hard.
Yasmin - friendly, cheerful, playing happily.
Auntie Cathy - calm, happy, teaching sleepily.
Jason - wild, small, painting messily.
Ellen - lovely, cute, crawling energetically.
Jack - loud, energetic, fighting noisily.
Dad - strong, tall, riding motorbike quickly.

Autumn's Friends
Sophie - calm, friendly, running happily,
Willow - friendly, caring, walking quickly.
Lucy - tall, calm, painting slowly.
Mum - loving, calm, washing up quickly.
Hannah - small friendly, walking cheerfully.
Alan - small happy, running crazily.
Lauren - small, calm, dancing furiously.
Dad - loving, strong, driving furiously.
Gemma - happy, calm, running noisily.

Charlie's friends
Gran - lovely, giving, choosing her lottery numbers thoughtfully.
My cousin - tall, clever, studying carefully.
James - tiny, thoughtful, washing his dog steadily.

Year 4, High Beeches Primary School,
Harpenden, Hertfordshire UK

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