This extremely long page contains emails I've received recently about my books, poems, my writing tips, requests to borrow poems and much more.

Thank you so much Andrea for writing the How to Write a Children's Picture Book and get it Published. It's wonderful ,and I can see how it will save me time and otherwise wasted efforts. I didn't realise the importance of word count. I have quite a
few stories completed. All around 1000 words. I can now see for the first time how slap dash I have been using sentences that add nothing to the story. Keeping it simple, it really is quite exciting, thanks again for sharing your experience.
Carl Bromwich

Hi Andrea
Firstly thank you for your 'How to Write a Children's Picture and get
it Published
'. It is really going to be great help. Have read it twice through already
Kind regards
My name is Tristan Walser and i would like to use our poem,
Black Holes for my homework. I need a Space poem. My homework is to
write a poem neatly and decorate it for a good presentation. Could i
use your poem please it will only stay in my homeworkbook.


I have begun writing children's picture books and read your, 'how to
write a children's book'. I have found it amazing and is by my side to
check questions as I go. I am however still a little confused in
sending manuscripts. Can I send my manuscript to more than one
publisher at a time or do I need to give them a chance to reply?
Also I'd like to say thank you for your insight and sharing your
experience, knowledge and encouragement. Alix Moore


My daughter is doing a project on Medieval Castles. She
needed a poem that related to her topic of protection against enemies.
She is making a powerpoint and wanted to post your poem 10 ways to
attack a castle. She will post your name with it Stacey Carpenito


Dear Andrea,

I hope you are super well! My name is marina and I have just finished to read your "How to write
a children picture book and get it published". I really enjoyed it and
your writing style too.


Dear Andrea

Thank you for letting me use your poem. I told everyone about your website
and they thought your poem was really great. I got a distinction for
reciting it. Thanks again, I really liked my Aunt the extra-terrestrial as

Dear Andrea
I have to learn a poem about space and I would like to use your amazing
poem, The Advent Horizon to recite it to the class

Thank you Sam


Hello Andrea,

Having read your 'How to write a children's picture book' I wanted to
say a big thankyou for opening a window into this challenging field.
All I have to do now is bang on a few (publisher's) doors and hope they
open them! You have been an inspiration.

Thank you, Penny Pedlar


I was wondering if I could use the poem "moving on" for a
school speech? Summer

Hello Summer. I'm afraid I cannot give you permission to use anyone else's work, only my own. This is an important copyright issue. Maybe you can find one of mine you like.


Hello, I am called Odoki David living in Uganda. I work as an
information officer for a childcare organisation and produce a
childrens magazine called childlink magazine. It is a magazine
we produce and give to children in Ugandan schools for free, I
would love to publish some of your poetry in an upcoming issue
as they are informative, educative and entertainig and very
relevant toschool children Please allow me to do this,the
organisation i work for is on the web at


Hi Andrea
thank you for your book, 'How to write a children's picture
book and get it published.
' I found it so helpful. I have
always worried about the covering letter and your template was
just what i needed.
best wishes


Hello Andrea,
I have just finished working through your 'How to write picture
' and have now sent off one of my picture books to two
publishers. thank you for giving me the confidence to do it.
Mrs C.Richardson,York,UK


I have just bought & read your How to Write Children's Picture Book.

I really enjoyed reading it. Now to put it into practice!
Jean Webster


Hi Andrea. I recently purchased your 'How to Write a
Children's Picture Book'
and devoured it in a single evening.
Great read! Mark Smith


Thank you for sharing with us, I think this website
genuinely stands out : D. 13 November 2011


I loved the description about you dropping the glass of water on
the head teacher's foot in front of the whole school. Francesca C


Dear Andrea
I need to choose poems for a school project and I like the
poem Advent Horizen please allow me to use it.
From Robert Bruce at Wetpups.Cape Town South Africa


Love your web site and very user friendly - well done!

Hope it's a great success... Paula Mitchell


Greetings everyone - I'm a fresh participant on this message
board therefore I believe I would do best to say a few things
about myself. Here goes, I'm 23 years of age, female, and I
read politics in my school. I for sure can't wait talking
with you folks. Au revoir! Deetta


Dear Andrea,

My teacher asked our class - Std V to learn a short funny poem. I really loved your poem about Black Holes. May I narrate it in my classroom? Regards, Shloka Mariwala.


NAME: Sue Wicks

Having searched long and hard for a simple and easy to understand guide to publishng a children's book I was relieved to discover you website.

Thank you.

(I don't think I've been put off yet.)

NAME: NAvjat

The poem that i liked thre besy was miss picky !!!!!GREAT POEM!!!!!

NAME: *~*Baby Gigglez*~*




NAME: Lucy Wetton

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for an amusing and really informative read. It feels like you have just provided me with an insight to the secret 'Authors world' with a pinch of blunt, yet realistic advice thrown in for good measure.

I have found your advice really helpful and I look forward to my first attempt at getting published!

Thanks once again!

Lucy (Cambridge)

NAME: Linda Clode

I am an absolute neophyte who really appreciates your witty information.

However, now that I am overwhelmed, I will put my 8 stories back in their box and wait awhile before I again consider getting them published.

I do love golfing.

Thanks, Linda

Hello Andrea,

I'm sure you get emails like this all the time but I really need some help. I have an interview / assessment centre this Friday and as part of the process I have to do an Fastrack test, which I believe is part of the SHL groups testing portfolio. The only problem is I can't find any examples of these type of test so I can practice.

Can you help. I'm just out to buy your book now



Good idea, lots of genuine SHL tests in my books

NAME: liam

my skool is swalloowdale im in melton mowbray and England i love all of your work it isd the best ever

Hi Andrea,

what u been up to i really like the poems their aswome for realz i really like reading poems.

Hilaria Ochoa 13 years old

ok thank you so much but its time to be honest my real name is caroline i go to school in tampa I would love it if you could come and do a school visit. i love and enjoy all of your poems excpecially my old mummy write back soon i really didnt want to mencian my name at first because i didnt want to get blackmailed

Goodness well if somebody woudl pay my expenses I'd love to do a school visit in Tampa!


NAME: Cora

In: Bushey

Hi. You visited my school a couple of weeks ago and I just wanted to say i really enjoyed hearing about your books. Also I'd like to buy a book of yours but im not sure which one. What would you reccomend?

NAME: Talia

Hi andrea do u remember when u came 2 Highwood primary school 2 open our libary? I was dressed up as tinkerbell if u saw me i love your books and poems i think there great!!! xxxxxx Talia

NAME: Marc Mitchard

Hi Andrea

My friend and I are in the process of producing a childrens story/picture book (there is a second in the pipe line too) . My friend has written the story and I have illustrated. I know in your get published page you suggest not sending art work but the idea for us was to do something creative together. So my first question is will this hold us back if we want to stick with original art work and why?

You can send the story and the artwork, just make it clear you don't mind if they reject one half of the duo. Otherwise if they hate the artwork, the whole proposal will be rejected.

NAME: Chrissy-T

Dear Andrea,

I am working on a presentation, and i was just reading your poems. WOWEEE!!! they're really nice!
I would like to use one of them from my visual project (a poster). Don't worry. I'll write it's by you.But what is your last name?

Do you know, Chrissy T, I believe it begins with an S.

I just love the poem called "Miss Picky!" It relates to my LA teacher and I just HAVE to share it with her.

Keep writing!


NAME: Leigh Kemp


i have read the whole of you 'how to get published' and im now scared!

i'm 19 and i'm just finishing my first fantasy story. i have now learnt that i should send it everywhere and not hope for much, and even if someone does take an interest i will need other stories in the bank for them to invest in me. i am planing other things, but when i feel pressured to write nothing comes out.

Thank you for your time!

Leigh Kemp

Hi Andrea,

I think your poem "Predictable" is great and would like my Year 1 class at Altrincham Preparatory School to recite it at our end-of-year prize giving event. Please could you let me know if this will be ok and how much we will have to pay. Thanks very much.

Liz Atkinson

On the other hand, I think I've been more than compensated by receiving this one.
PS I never charge anything, just quote me as author.

NAME: Phillipa Bayliss

Dear Andrea,

This 'page' has been bookmarked in my 'cheer-me-up' folder (I also write notes to myself with inspiring quotes for the much needed 'cheer-me-up' moments). It's so encouraging to read your words, and laugh over rejections - really! We all know we mustn't give up, it's not personal, etc, but they do eat away at your confidence and hope. I mean, what if my work IS rubbish? What if it NEVER attracks an agent or editor's interest? How many times is it 'normal' to be told "no thanks" (Yikes! Have I had more "no's" than normal?)... and so it goes.

I'm going to try to get hold of your books - I think you've made a fan of me, just by being approachable and encouraging! Thank you so much! I do apologise for rambling on (there's nothing better than a consoling fellow writer to open up to).

I wish you every success,

Phillipa, Canada

NAME: Paula McBride

Great site, I really enjoyed reading and giggling through "Get Published".

NAME: Hillary vasuqez

Andrea You chose some good poems and I always go this poetry page and I always find good poems and the poems you write are really nice too god bless your taste for poems and you are a real poet sincerely ,Hillary v

NAME: Kalp Pat

Hi my name is kalp from london, i am apply for a finance graduate posiition and i will be reqired to do a SHL verbal reasoning and Numerical reasoning test. I was hoping you could advise me on possible resources of help and the best way to pass these tests with high marks. I have done one SHL test before and i didnt do so well in it.

NAME: Maeve O'Mahony

I would like permission to use the wonderful poem 'Advent Horizon' as part of my English classes this term.

Thank you

Maeve O'Mahony, Concordia Lutheran College, Toowoomba Australia

NAME: Mary

Hi! I want to use the poem that talked about how to persuade your parents to give you more pocket money for poem in the pocket day. I loved that poem. Plus really I am am a natrual persuader.... I persuaded my sister to dump out the ice cream she hates.....

Dear Ms. Shavick:

My fourth grade class is studing poets. My teacher assigned me you. I really like your poetry, especially the nasty, grusome bloodthirsty ones :) . Please come visit if you are ever in Florida!

Thanks, Jake Pinckney, Gorrie Elementary School, Florida USA

NAME: Allison Kelly


I was looking for poems to use on my screen saver for my home computer. nothin big! just a really cool poem and i really liked yours... can i copy it and use it on my screen saver?


NAME: Alastair Bishop

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for your article on getting published. I found it really useful.

Cheers Alastair

NAME: miss nits

I really like the poem miss nits it is a very funny poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

NAME: Jacqueline

Hi! I used to work for Mills & Boon (oh, yes, I did). I was a production editor so I didn't have to read the slush pile, thank god (I'm afraid romantic fiction was never my cup of tea. Anyway, I'm thinking of writing a novel and I find your advice absolutely great.

Best wishes, Jacqueline

NAME: Mr Robert Scott

Hi first of all I found just about everything here interesting and a few things use full. I am in the process of writting my first book.

NAME: zainab

Hi Andrea I haven't read any of your poems but by what I saw here many love your work and you won't believe I loved your work before reading any

I hope I'll read soon and I was so impressed with the feedback here and your title were amazing.

I also do write poems and which oneday I wish to publish them in book. I post most of my poems in poetry forum

And thanks to God I get lot of feedback , that's like a part of my life

I told you I'll be back

And yes here I am d:

You are an amazing writer. And I really loved your poems in Grandma was eaten by a shark

My best of the best poem is Poor Daniel

Very good poem is Grandma was eaten by a shark and Grandma gone

And the poems which were good


Auntie Betty thinks she is bat girl

Auntie janet

Miss Nits

And the remain were not bad there were fine

I just loved your work d:

NAME: Krystle Appiah

Dear Ms Shavick, My name is Krystle and I love to write. I live in Romford, Essex. I am currently writing 2 books which are about 2 sisters that are very close. The books are filled with love, loss and tragedy. Could you please give me some advice on finding an agent and publisher.

Dear Andrea,

Hi i am 11 years old. I live in Hong Kong(Where there may be King Kong, just kidding).

I am very imaginative, creative, patient, brave and cocparating girl(or alien!) What I mostly do at home is reading, drawing, doing expriences, making up poems and stories and tidying my room.

I want to ask you a question: Where did you get your ideas from? I got mine from all over the world!!! I am always writing about aliens!

From Janice Alien

NAME: Michael Taylor

Hi, my name's Michael and I live in the Scottish Borders. I have currently written a fantasy book which is the first part of a trilogy. Could you tell me what my chances are of getting the book published whilst I am writing the second story? The title of the book is 'Twins' and the next two are to be called 'Betrayal' and 'War'. Thanks!

NAME: Sarah Emmott

I am a 35 year old graduate and have an interview with an investment bank. I have been told that as part of the process I will be asked to sit a psychometric test. I wanted to buy one of your books for practice but am not sure which of Psychometric tests for graduates or Management level psychometric tests would be the higher level of tests?

thanks Sarah

the Management Level book has more advanced tests and is more suitable for the type of job you're after

NAME: Jason John Whitehouse-Strudwick

Where do I begin I have read your site top to bottom and I have absorbed a lot of valuable information.

I have written 12 picture book stories but they are all in ryhme it looks like I may have to self publish having read your site. JJW-S

NAME: Gail Jones

I would like your permission to use some of your poems with my class. After discovering your website I think my year 4s would love your poems, they would appeal to their humour.

I would like to print off the people and school poems so that they could use them to write poems in a similar style. I would like to use them on World Book Day.

Kewaigue School is a primary school on the Isle of Man, I've been teaching year 4 at the school for the last 10 years. I've found that some of the most memorable and enjoyable lessons for the children and myself have involved poetry.

NAME: Charlotte Wakefield

Hello Andrea,

I am a primary school teacher at St Peter's School in Chippenham, England I'm about to do a class assembly and would like my children to perform some of your poems. We have been learning about Space and have just starter a literacy unit on performance poetry so it seems natural to combine the two.

I particularly like "Auntie Ethel the Extraterrestrial", "Black Holes" amd "Watch out". I am sure the children will enjoy performing them - with your permission!

Thanks, and best wishes,

Charlotte Wakefield.

Hi Andrea,

I have just read your Get Published Page, and was wondering if the format you listed for picture books applies to ABC and 123 books as well. The book I have comprised is written in verse. (oh well!) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

J. Ellis


Hi, ABC and Board books are normally written in-house by publishers, not commissioned from outside authors. Stick to actual picture book stories.

NAME: Fiona Neil

Great tips! Thanks.

Fiona, West Wales

NAME: Ami Humphreys

Can i please use your poem miss picky to read out to my class tomorrow?

I go to Hall Mead in upminster but i live in harold wood england essex.

I prommis that i will write that you wrote it at the bottom of the poem.

NAME: Audrey c Bartholomew

Thank you for all the great info and wish me luck in fallowing my dream!

NAME: Ms Hobby

My son, George aged 6, is taking part in a school poetry recital competition nest week and he really likes your poem 'Predictable'. It sums up perfectly the kind of conversation we have with each other. Please may he have your permission to use it. Thank you.

NAME: sally-mum of twins-also a teacher!

Thanks for the great advice-

I have found writing a fantastic release from the struggle of raisng my gorgeous but demanding twins and am determined to share my writing. I would love to write as a freelance writer and am aiming to get a book on my first year with the twins published. Youtr tips have been so helpful and have me all fired up to get somewhere!!

NAME: Julie

I appreciated your practical and witty article on getting published!

NAME: Gill Clemens

Thanks for the advice on getting published - very comprehensive and realistic. I've thought about it for so long and have decided it's time I just got on with it, so it's helpful to be able to find guidance like yours on the Internet.

NAME: Kelly Williams

Hi Andrea,

I am completing a PGCE primary course in Bangor University in Wales and would like to ask if it would be possible to include your 'Advent Horizon' poem and 'Auntie Ethel the Extraterrestrial' poem in a poetry anthology for my english assignment. We are creating a teaching pack, which can be used to improve boy's reading abilities. I am basing my pack on science fiction and space and we have to include a number of poems on our theme in the pack as well as a fiction/non-fiction book, video and website. I really enjoyed reading the poems and would like to include the poems in my pack because they are humorous and I think boy's would enjoy reading them.

NAME: Ranita

Fairview International School, Malaysia

Hey Andrea! I loved all your school poems... They are really fun to read... Even I write poems and its nice and fun to read yours... :) Bye!

PS: I only read the school poems... :)

NAME: Lesley-Ann Jones Shine

Dear Andrea

Your poems are fantastic!

My daughter Bridie, 7 yrs old, has to read a poem in class about school ... she has chosen your 'Predictable' poem. Would it be ok with you for us to print the poem so that she can take it in to school?

Lesley-Ann Jones Shine

NAME: Cross Country

i really liked it! It was very funny! My favorite above all!

NAME: K Glessinger

Dear Andrea

I thought the info on getting published was really helpful.

NAME: kayla Laux

I just love this site. I think this is a great thing to see all these young kids and teenagers writting poems and for everyone to see how good they are i also write poems I have a 75 right now and hope to have many more as time goes on. I am 15 years old and i think this poems on here form other teenagers are so really and show how they feel.

NAME: Sophie Lloyd

I luv da poem called unstable auntie i think it is gr8 k cya

NAME: kayla Laux

I just love this site i am 15 years old and i love poems i enjoy writing them as well!

NAME: Scarlet Stapleton

Good evening Andrea, I have been asked to find a funny poem for my school homework and I really like your 'School Poems'. Would you mind if i copied them and used them for my School work?

Thank you in anticipation

Scarlet Stapleton (aged 10)


NAME: Elizabeth Saldana

Hi my name is Elizabeth Saldana and i attend Natalia High School. I was woundering if we (students) can use one of your poems for our next year planner. We are located at Natalia, TX

NAME: Ethan Cook

Hi Andrea

My name is Ethan and I am 12. I would like to use your poem Miss Nits for a project at school. We have to say what our favourite poem is and then write one of our own.

NAME: Hope Jensen

Hello Andrea,

I would like to use your "Things I did for luck" poem on my superstition report for my Boise State University Psychology learning class. It is an APA paper that will just be viewed by my teacher for grading. Thanks, Hope

NAME: Aaliyah

To Andrea,

The poem that i liked best is Miss nits because i don't want nits because thier really nasty but if they were infected then nobody woul want nits because thier friends will say"err.....she nasty stay away from that Nit's girl/boy."

NAME: kathy otto


Thanks for all your tips - certainly food for thought. I have a range of ms I have written and smiled to myself at your NO GOOD IN A FILING CABINET comment. I have three children's books and four scripts as well as too many unfinished pieces to mention.

NAME: Antonio

Hello Andrea. My name´s Antonio. Congratulations for your exquisite web.

There are really good poems.

NAME: Reeta Sood

Hello Andrea,

I have just finished your "Management Level Psychometric & Assessment Tests". I think its brilliant! I'd highly recommend it to anyone trying to appear in Psychometric tests at any level.

I look forward to another book with more practice questions similar to these.

NAME: Maria Calderon

With your permission, I would like to use your space poems as a sample to teach a language arts 4th grade pretend classroom, in connection to a thematic unit that I have to put together for a SXU professor.

I promis to make sure, they always display your copyright!

They are wonderful!


First off may I say how helpful your website was! No, really I know what your thinking... "Yeah yeah, heard it all before!" but I mean it.

Bex, age 13 from Frome.

Hi Andrea,I really like your poems. there all nice, am always so interested to read poems about school! and the best poems I ever red are the ones you made!they are really nice. I want to know about you and like to be your friend.

Am 11 years old and am in grade six. and am from Muscat the capital of Oman

NAME: James

I've found this page realy helpfull, and somewhat insperatinal. Thank you!

althgough i am only about half way through my first ms, i've got a realy good felling about it. (don't worry i'm not going to get my hopes up to high)

The biggest heardle i have to overcome is that i suffer quite seaverly from Dyslexia! (as i'm shaw you can tell)

So if i were ever to be published... well lets just say that would be one hell of an acheavmet for me! and something i allways will strive to acheve.

once again thank you for your advice!

Yours thankfully

James (Birmingham UK)

NAME: Michelle Marroquin

Your poems are really cool and very interisting to me and my parents like them to so I hope you write some more NEW poems soon Well good bye!!!

NAME: Jackie

My name is Jackie and I would like to use your poem advent horizon for one of my lesson that i will be teaching. I go to the Unviersity of texas at san antonio and i am in the process of getting certified as a teacher. I need to teach lessons and I would like to use your poem to accompany my lesson. Thanks Jackie

Hello Andrea,

I have just finished your "Management Level Psychometric & Assessment Tests". I think its brilliant! I'd highly recommend it to anyone trying to appear in Psychometric tests at any level.

I look forward to another book with more practice questions similar to these.

Reeta Sood

Hi Andrea
I have never written before but love reading and have some ideas about a screenplay script and a non-fiction book both aimed at adults. I found your practical tips and honest advice very helpful in getting me thinking seriously about what steps I need to take if I am going to take this seriously.

Sabrina Aries, Milton Keynes

I've just read through these gems on getting published and I all I can think of is it was pretty deflating and can't think how anyone got a book published ever. Not exactly encouraging. Would there really be no positives to pass on? Karen Renshaw, Chesterfield

As I've mentioned before, I'm not trying to put people off writing, just being honest. To succeed you need to be really determined.

Good Morning Andrea,

Thank you for this web site, and all the wonderful points you mentioned. I feel I have learned a great deal already.

Best regards, Robin Berlanti

NAME: jessica vickery

i think the best poem was miss picky!

NAME: wendy

i don't wanna put it in anything i just wanna show my friends!lol those poems ROCK!!

Hello Andrea,

My name is Pandora and I would like to read one of your poems out to my class. I am in Year 5 at Manly State School (Brisbane, Australia) and my teacher, Mr Smith, has set an assignment where we have to learn a poem by heart and recite it to our class. We can use props or costumes as well. Can you please tell me if I am allowed to use your poem about "Miss Picky". I think this one is funny. Thankyou Pandora


I found your Get Published page very useful

NAME: amira

ur peoms r funny ! i don't like them

I am teaching a summer music camp in which we are exploring the composition process. I would like to use your poem "DISGUSTING (BUT LUCKY)" with my class of 12 high school students. They will be putting the poem to music as a part of this lesson.Thank you for your kind consideration.

Dr. Matthew P. Fritz
Assistant Professor of Music
Elizabethtown College

dear andrea,

my name is almas khan and i live in pakistan islamabad.i study in grade 5.i love u and ur poems.i love the poem which is called miss picky.its very funny.when ever i m depressed or sad i read that poem and become happy again

hi i'm a primary school teacher and mother of 2 tiny children. I found your article extremely helpful and enjoyable to read. Now i have had my babies, my ambition is to have a young children's book published as i have been writing since i was 10. I would also like to write a book about practical tips for helping children to foster an interest in reading.

Thank-you for your advice gillian

hey, im laura
i wold just like to say that your poems are great.
my favourite is "Miss Picky" from the school section. i was realkly moved be it. it had a fantastic sense of humour.
School: Grace Lutheran College
Location: Brisbane,

I really identify with the "Predicatable" poem on your website, these are exactly the words my 6 year old daughter uses when I ask her the exact same questions. Thank you. I wish to pass this particular poem on to some female colleagues who are all suffering with 'return to schoolitis' from their varied aged children.

Many thanks for making me smile! Ann J Merritt

Hi Andrea -

I was bouncing around Roger Stevens' web site this afternoon which eventually led me to yours. Wonderful work and resources! You're one busy and very talented writer. And I very much enjoyed "What's in a Name?" in Paul Cookson's recent Dinosaur Poems anthology. (My own two in that collection are my first to be published on your side of the pond.)

Eric Ode - See Eric's site here for poems and lesson plans

Hi Andrea,

May I first say how impressed I was reading through the different sections on your site and I especially liked your poems. I have written a few for children aged between 7 and 12 (at a guess). Sometimes younger children understand more than we credit them for!

Chris Radford

Dear Ms. Shavick,

I would like to use your poem "Dumbo" in a lesson on scansion. I am a future teacher and this lesson is to be "taught" to my peers for my Direct Instruction practice lesson. I wanted a funny poem about teachers because I am trying to tie the lesson into "real life" and since we are going to (hopefully) be teachers, I thought it was perfect! My school is Gonzaga University and it is in Spokane, Washington.

Thank you for your funny limerick! Stacci McIntyre

NAME: amy louise jarvis

i think that the one with the lice in the teachers hair is the best because i think it is funny so i think that is the best, i also like the one with the girl who saves the world then gets in to detention because it is funny how she gets into detention so i also like that one to !!!!!

NAME: merry mahary

hi first i would like to say that your poems are really wondrefull and i really like them very much and i read them always. to tell you my name is merry mahary i am years old .i am the student of finnish mission school and i an grade nine . my country name is ERITREA with it's capital city ASMARA. and as my wish i wanna to be a famus poem and book writer

Hi! For my English homework I have to write a poem anthology(I go to Hayes Secondary school, that's in Bromley), I have to put some of my favourite poems in it, and I really like: Grandma was eaten by a Shark! and predictable, so please may I use them in my anthology, yours sincerely, Katie Wells


My teacher always tells us to bring in a poem on friday, and tomorrow is friday the thirteenth, so she said we should bring in a poem about superstitions. Can i use yours??

NAME: Nicola Webb

Please can I use "School Report" Poem in my newsletter which goes out to children in Singapore?

NAME: Michelle Marroquin

Yuor poems are really cool and very interisting to me and my parents like them to so I hope you write some more NEW poems soon Well good bye!!!

NAME: Brianna Gentile

I would like to copy this in my one only book for ace. There will only be one book made. My book is called "My Favorite Poems" I go to West Carroll Elementary School. Jackson US

My name is Jackie and I would like to use your poem advent horizon for one of my lesson that i will be teaching. I go to the Unviersity of texas at san antonio and i am in the process of getting certified as a teacher. I need to teach lessons and I would like to use your poem to accompany my lesson. Thanks Jackie

NAME: pete

Ive just read your tips for getting published. They're excellent! Thanks very much. Thanks for doing that for people like me.

NAME: Tasha

What the hell are the publisher's problem? They sound like their on a total power trip? who the hell do they think they are? (unless your exagerating) do they actually accept any book? or are you trying to put people off writing?

I'm not trying to put people off writing, just being honest. No publisher is on a power trip - they just want to make money, like all businesses. And why not - if there were no publishers there would be no books.

NAME: Scott Chambers

Dear Andrea, I have just finished reading your "get published" page, and just thought I would drop you a little note to let you know that somebody out there appreciates the time that you have taken to help others. I have found myself with some spare time on my hands at the moment and have always wanted to write. Just never managed to get around to it. I am now considering finally buckling down and having a go during my new found freedom. I found your comments useful given my complete and utter inexperience!

Thanks again for helping us all. Scott

NAME: ruzeb

I liked the poem "PREDICTABLE" because it says alot of funny things my school is P.S.149 THE CHRISTA MACAULLIFFE SCHOOL in NEW YORK CITY



I did - I always do!

Dear Andrea

Thank you for your very practical guide to publishing. There is one thing I need to know but cannot find any information on and that is: does one have to put the name of the printer on the verso page?

Yours sincerely

Alison Orchard

only if you are self-publishing, otherwise it will be done for you

NAME: Heidi Norweg

Thanks, Andrea. Your page was very helpful. I am just at the stage of trying to find someone who can make a book dummy for me. I haven't even gotten to the rejections part of the cycle, yet.

hi my name is katrina,

I live in Adelaide,South Australia,Australia. I go to Stradbroke Primary School and I am 12 and in year 7.

I am envolved with a Speech and Drama group at my school. I am working on grade 5 advanced Speech and Drama and I like ur poem:Advent Horizon and I am asking for ur permission to possibly use this poem for an Estedford and an exam. Iam looking forward to your reply thanks

NAME: TA-Nisha

Whats up i like the poems alot they mad me feel alot better about alot of everything in my life thank you so much.......... Love,Ta-nisha

NAME: Christina Pratt

Hi, im currently doing my teacher training at Edge Hill in Ormskirk, UK. Our current subject in school is poetry on certain themes, our first theme is school. If possible i would like the pupils to look on your website and find their favourite poem about school. They would then copy the poem, write their own sentence about why they liked the poem and then decorate it to go in our class anthology. We will hopefully be taking poems from a variety of different sources, using your website would allow the children to use I.T aswell. The anthology would not be getting published, it would just be a resource we would use in our classroom. Would this be ok for us to use one or more of your poems?

Thank you very much Christina

NAME: Kelsea

I go to a middle school in Ohio, and was wondering if I can use a couple of your poems called: School Report, Predictable, and Miss Picky for my poetry book in my class. I will put that you wrote them.If you do let me thanks and if you don't it is ok because i no how it feels to write poems and you don't want anybody else to no it.

sincerely Kelsea

NAME: Mariss Cooper

hi andera,

i love your poems they are really cool, i really like that one about the boy and his brother, who punch each other trhen play thoses funny games after wooooooooo so cool keep up the good work tatata luv from rissa-aged 12-sydeny nsw

NAME: dani climpson

hey, i really love the poems about school replort and miss picky they are funny, from dani P.s good luck 4 the furture

NAME: ellie ward

hi, my name is Ellie and i live in harrogate. I am auditioning for a school play and i thought that your poems are suitable for this matter. I was hoping on using 'predictable' or 'dumbo' thanks

Hello. My name is Joany Mc Donald and I'm from Ballinrobe Community school Co Mayo Ireland.My class are doing a school magazine and we would really like to use your poem "School Report" in our magazine as we really enjoyed reading it and would really like to share it with all the students and parents that will hopefully buy our magazine.

please reply, and thankyou for your time, Joany & Classmates.

NAME: Saachi Sharma

Hi Andrea how are you I am from West Lodge F&M I just wanted to say thatwhen you came to my school I think you did really well and I really love your poems especially Miss Picky.

NAME: Eileen

Dear Andrea,

I would like permission to use two of your poems, "Predictable" and "Miss Picky" for a parent's meeting at our school next week, in Athenry, Co. Galway, Ireland.


Our Book Club for First and Second Graders is thinking about growing up! Next month, we'll be reading One Morning in Maine (McCloskey) and You'll Grow Soon, Alex.

Do you have any advice you can share on the topic or, even memories you have of being 6 or 7?Thanks in advance! We love your books!

First and Second Grade Book Club
Walpole Public Library MA USA


I just wanted to say that I found your article inspirational. I have lots of ideas for childrens books and more recently picture books (mostly while daydreaming at my desk) but have lacked direction for these ideas. I now have a plan:

1) Start writing ALL of my ideas down
2) Buy the Year book
3) Start sending out my ideas
Thanks for writing your guide, I really like the honesty and brief step-by-step approach that you have adopted. There is a lot of good karma coming your way!

Sarah - in Upnor, Kent

Hi Andrea,

I have been thinking about trying to write for children for a wee while now. My own children are 7,5 and 3 and like me love their stories. They've all endured mummy's made-up characters and tall tales. I'm also a librarian and so am very familiar with what's on offer to children just now. I would love to issue one of my own books to our young readers! I guess I just need the push to sit down and put pen to paper and I found your advice on getting published refreshingly honest and indeed inspiring.

Thanks again for the no-nonsense info.

Nicola. P.S. 'You'll soon grow Alex' is sitting in my son's bookcase and has been enjoyed many times!

Dear Andrea,

I came across your publishing advice whilst looking for websites relating to my daughter's reading scheme. Thanks so much for down to earth advice and humour...we live in South Africa (where thankfully most people appreciate the British sense of humour)and I'm looking to send a first manuscript off (it is in the filing cabinet!!!) P.S. I love the bit about birthday candles,my daughter's friend went up in flames, thankfully no serious injury thanks to a quick thinking teacher and they DO still allow birthday candles in schools here!!
Katherine Dodd

NAME: anna Dawson

I love your poems on amazing people, superstitions and gruesome and grizzly poems and would like to read some to the children I teach at Mount House School Tavistock.

Hi Andrea,

A great site, well done. I will be coming back to your site for tips again. Kind regards.

Gareth Thomas

Your advice is great and you are a terrific writer! Thank you for the information. I am considering writing teaching-related materials, not for children. More for other teachers and for parents. Good luck to you in your future endeavors!

Sherry Brown, Oxford

Dear Andrea

Please may I use either Advent Horizon or How to Successfully Persuade Your Parents to Give You More Pocket Money to learn for my speech and drama exam? I hope I may because they are very funny.

Thank you Jacob Newton

Dear Andrea

Many thanks for your fabulous advice, I greatly appreciated everything you said. Debbie Barton

Hello there, thank you so much ive really learned alot from reading all the advice and ideas you've given on this site. I'm at the moment TRYING to continue with an idea fo a childrens book. Anyway thank you again for an interesting afternoon , and i really mean that too!! Kindest regards Jacky King

Dear Andrea.

I thoroughly enjoyed your information on tips getting published. Andrew Reid

Dear Andrea

What a great website.
I recently had an idea for a picture book and I couldn't shake it off. With my job I spend long lonely hours in the car and this little story just kept popping up on a regular basis. I decided to write it down - if only to stop it rattling around my brain! I then thought about having it published so that other people could enjoy it. However, I have never done anything remotely like this before and looked to the internet for some guidance.

Your website has been so informative. I bought the book you suggested from Amazon and I am currently reading through that. Shortly, I am going to start sending my manuscript off. It may come to nothing but then again it may be taken up.......... who knows, you can but try.

You have given me very useful information on how to go about sending the manuscript off to publishers. So thank you and I will let you know if anything happens.

Regards, Sarah Phillips, Swansea

My 10 year old son Matthew has been given a poetry reading assignment at school. He chose your "Advent Horizon" poem to read to his class. I would therefore like to ask for permission for him to read this poem. Matthew is an avid Stargate and Star Trek (when it was on the past couple of years) viewer so this poem is very near and dear to his heart. Thanks, Becky Tutto, Indiana

Hey Andrea

Thanks so much for your tips on getting published, I have a few pieces sitting in my computer that i will be sending in!!


TO ANDREA;thank you for allowing teens from all over the world to express themselves the way they do. THANK you for allowing others to have their dreams of becoming a poet come true! I wish YOU a happy year and a GOD bless you! MAY you continue doing so and beyond! I for one am eternally grateful! Ashley

NAME: michelle chamberlain

All these poems on here are fab . they portray the feeling of millions of teen feelings across the worls wickedly. I write poems my self an u would be surprised how similar but uniqe we all are .

big up's to u all .

Keep writig!!! xxx

Dear Andrea,

I have just found 'Psychometric Tests for Graduates' to be very useful, thank you. Am off to by the practice book now! Many thanks,

Thomas Kingston

Dear Andrea,

Very enlightening article on how to get published. I read it out loud to my 13-year-old. She is an avid writer and illustrator. These were great tips. Thanks so much.

Ann Wilber

Lawrenceville, NJ USA

NAME: Nicole M

I like your poems very much, and would like you to continue writing these poems. I've always wanted to be a poet. Merry Christmas Andrea.

Hi, I just want to say that this site has inspired me in many ways. I'm just a teenager but I've been writing poems and short stories for quite a while and this site has helped me to discover the deeper meaning of what I'm writing or reading. Anne Fiore's poem "Sqeeze My Hand Twice" is my favorite because I can relate to it. Thanks Andrea for creating this site.

-Hailee, Houston, TX

I have to read poems that have been published for UIL Poetry reading - I would like to use Lucky Escape, Things I did for Luck and HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY PERSUADE YOUR PARENTS TO GIVE YOU MORE POCKET MONEY. They cannot be read straight from the book, but just from a plain sheet of paper. Sorry for the late notice, but the reading is tomorrow. Will it be alright to use them? Thanks - Bailey Jones

NAME: Katelyn

I would like to use Miss Picky for poem reading contest on Thursday, Dec. 1st. I am in the 5th grade. My school is Valley Mills Elementary tx. USA

NAME: Mia Angelique F.

I really liked Miss Picky and Miss Nits they made me laugh. You're a fabuous writer

NAME: shelly

i think think that henrita the bat is realy funny and my friend matt told me that poem on the bus and i forgot to ask him what website did he get it from and i was looking at heaps of sites then i got to this and found the poem henrita the bat and i was very happy. i think your poems are great.

NAME: Lynne Holden

Time to Get Out

Please could my 7 year old daughter use this poem for her literacy homework at St. Patrick's RC School in Birmingham England. The class is just starting to learn about poems. Thank you very much

NAME: Claire Waghorn

Dear Andrea,

I'm a drama teacher looking for a few space poems as stimuli. May i use yours in my lesson please

Thanks Claire

I thought Miss Nits was funny and also School Report Channing London


Please can i read your poem "predictable" to my class next week as my home work is to find a poem to share with my friends. My school is Stone Cross Primary in east sussex. I really like this poem because it is like my mum. Thank you!

Hi Andrea, my name is Liz and I go to Eastwood Public School in NSW Australia.I am in year 6, and for homework we have to find a poem about school or homework, and copy it into our spelling books. I was wondering whether I could use one of your school poems.

NAME: Hannah Thorne

I would like to use the poem "Miss Nits" for my homework. I attend Emmbrook Junior School, Wokingham, Berkshire and I am in year 5. For my homework I have to copy the poem into my homework book and answer questions on it like, What it is about, does it rhyme and did I enjoy it. I hope very much too use your poem as it was very good.

NAME: piglet

TO all the awsome poets,i sincerely wish you good luck to your bright future! KEEP your head up, continue to bless GOD!

NAME: Lucy Brooker

Hi Andrea

I've just read all your tips on writing children's books and now feel quite deflated. As a complete amateur I never realised it there was so much to think about. I am a young(ish) mother of two (3 year old and 14 months). My husband and I made up a character to teach our 3 year old son about the consequences of being naughty, not brushing teeth, running out into the road etc which proved very effective and fun at the same time. He does love them and so do cousins, friends etc. I am a Graphic designer and work closely with an illustrator and I am seriously thinking about developing this idea into picture books for 3 - 5 year olds. However, since reading your tips, I am thinking Oh my goodness! Am I just another unrealistic parent who think they can get a book published or is it worth putting in some real effort. I would appreciate your view. Kind regards

lots of tips for writers on the Get Published page. I wish there was an easy answer to your question but if you never try you will never know.


NAME: Jasmine

At school i need to read out a poem for homework and i really liked Miss Picky and i think that my teacher would find it funny to. Please may i read it out in class.

Hi I'm Catherine

I was just wondering if I could use the Poem'Miss Picky' and ' Miss Nits' for some english work at Rugby School. We have to find a poem about schools and I thought these ones were great.

Please may I use your poem Watch Out as part of my school project on Mars and Jupiter for this halfterm. My school is St. Margaret Clitherow Kent, England

Thank you Alice

NAME: Amanda

My daughter has been asked to take a poem into school as her class are putting together a class anthology of poems,linked to the curent work unit on poetry. She would like to take in Grandma was eaten by a Shark and Predictable. She really enjoyed them. The children will be sharing their poems and discussing what they particularly enjoy about them.

School- Sprowston First School, Norwich, England.

NAME: Silla

Hello Andrea, really loved your space poems and wanted to ask if it was ok for my children to take them into school to buddy read with the younger children. We are celebrating Nat Poetry Day, actually we are having a whole week of activities and buddy reading is one of them. We are a little behind the UK as school is closed on Thursday and Friday (its our weekend!). We are based in Dubai, our school is called Dubai English Speaking School and I am sure the children will really enjoy your poems. Hope it's ok, kind regards, Silla

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