Secondary School Author Visits

Secondary School Author Visits

For older teenagers 16 - 18 

As above plus tips on getting yourself published, how and why books are commissioned, and how to cope with rejections.  This session is also highly interactive and always opens the students' (and teachers') eyes to the world of publishing. For AS & A2 English students it can be a great source of inspiration and a huge help with coursework

For adults (especially writing groups) I explain how to get published in the following markets; children's books, picture books and adult non-fiction. I cover the markets in detail, how to submit manuscripts, how to get an agent, how to get started and what to write about.

All my talks are highly interactive, enjoyable and informal. The audience can be any size - from a small group to an entire school. 
North West and North London and much of Middlesex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and parts of Bucks and Essex.
Get in touch through the Contact Andrea page giving your details and I'll call you to discuss your visit requirements, fees etc.

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