Infant & Junior Author Visits

Infant & Junior Author Visits

For Nursery, Reception and Years 1 & 2

Readings of my picture books and lots of funny poems. I also explain how I write books, how long it takes, where ideas come from and much more. Children can ask questions - in fact it's lovely if they come prepared with some good ones.

For Years 3 & 4

Readings of my books appropriate for the age group plus lots and lots of poems. As above, I encourage children to ask questions on all aspects of writing and publishing which they usually do with great relish.

I also explain how long it takes to write a book, whether it's easier to write a 108,000 word book for adults or a 150 word book for children (believe me everybody gets that one wrong!), where ideas come from, whether I was any good at English at school, how I actually work and loads of other stuff. It's always a good fun, highly inter-active and even - dare I say it - educational.

Years 5 & 6

As above, with stories and poems plus even more educational content according to your requirements (including how to re-draft, edit and research). I explain how a book is made from idea to finished product and show some of my best-selling books, including my biography of Roald Dahl - now in its 13th year - through all the various stages of creation including actual dummy books, original picture proofs, and manuscript drafts - complete with publisher’s scribbled critical comments. Your students will really get a flavour of how a book is created and what an immense amount of work is involved.
North West and North London and much of Middlesex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and parts of Bucks and Essex.
Get in touch through the Contact Andrea page giving your details and I'll call you to discuss your visit requirements, fees etc.
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