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The Damaged One
by Lizzy Bishop

Maybe it's a dream,
You falling in love with me.
Or maybe it's fate.
The way you set my heart free.
But those eyes of yours,
Have left me on my knees,
Keeping me from ever wanting to leave
A winter Night
by Amanda
Snowflakes fall across the sky
It takes forever for one to pass by
The lights above make the snow glow
I watch this beautiful sight from my window
The fire place fills the house with light
Only a couple more days till Christmas night
The kids across the street are all in the snow
Everything so quiet you can hear the wind blow
I can't believe the winter time is here
The sun is almost out and the snow may disappear
The coldness outside fills the air
I am excited to give the gifts I bought and share
Poem by Shyra, 14 
trying to find myself...
is not easy but... then agian its not hard... trying to be understood
in a heartless world would be immposible...
trying to stand alone when you are broken
trying to be me
trying to stay me
trying to trust myself inpossable...
but think again...
but since i have not fallen yet ipossable is not the word for me...
by Marie. Age 18. Wales uk
I have never tried so hard, 
only to get nowhere. 
Small mistakes follow me. 
they change my work purposely.
They must do,
Because nobody can make as many mistakes as me.
Everyday words change
Somedays there right and somedays there forgotten.
On paper numbers can be easy.
In my head they are lost
My daydreams distract me
Keeping me out of reality 
Why am I stuck like this. 
Why am I trying so much harder to move forward and find I'm 10 steps
behind everyone else.
Why am I me.
And who what else can I be?
My Room and I 
By Jasmin age 17 from Chicago, USA 
My room is organized
My room is clean 
My room has colors of 
Baby pink, violet and green 
Colors of many dreams 
Dreams trapped inside this room 
The window sills are marble cold; 
the floor is polished with force 
Yet a blotch sullies one spot - 
It will never fade away, it will always stay 
Home yet prison 
Refuge yet trap 
Ally yet enemy
Paradox is home 
My room and I 
we are one of the kind
we are the same 
My room and I 

The Day Upon Which Pity Falls
By Haleigh, 15, from UK
The day upon which pity falls
Will be the day I come to an end;
The day upon which pity falls
Will be the day the dark descends. 
The day when I look into eyes
That hold sympathy in place of respect;
The day I strive for love and lies
And come away with loneliness.
The day I am regarded by my peers
With a compassion wise beyond their years,
But soured by a childishness
That cannot abate their fears.
The day upon which pity falls
Will bring a never-ending rain;
A flood that shall sweep over all I know
And leave no part unchanged.
The day upon which pity falls
Will be the day the truth is seen;
But not the glorious flower of Righteousness
But a bitter and withered seed.
The day upon which pity falls
Will be the day that comes to all; 
When the pride I wear as armour
Will be stripped to lay bare my soul.
The day upon which pity falls
Will be the day the world shares my rues;
But it is a day that will surely come
And I am sure it will come for you.  

Poem: Turtle by Maysa
An emerald set upon the beach
glides through murky water, blue and green 
A head pops up, but that's all we can see
For this creature is, 
a mystery

Poem: The Falling Heart
By Matthew age 14 from Sterling, MA
Grey sky,rain drops, tears fall, my heart beats like a silent
thunderstorm. wind blows leaves fall  upon the perfect ground. Cool
breeze flows through me. I can't see my life now since the day I heard
the Military band. And now I wish for what I could never have
The sunlight fades away and everyday it starts to rain. It's 1 am and
I'm crying out your name. I was so in love but I dream about the day
you caught the gun shot and then everything turned grey, they day That
cross stood right above your grave. There it went our hearts combined
in which they stood there in a bind. The falling heart...
It was a Tuesday night. The day you were supposed to come home. I was
full of joy until the knock hit my door. Instead of finding you, there
stood a CAO. He told me about the day the fire of hot lead. Flew right
to your heart. He handed me a letter that said I was your only love.
There went our love in which was bonded to be our hearts as one there
it is in front of me the falling heart
The sunlight fades away and everyday it starts to rain. It's 1 am and
I'm crying out your name. I was so in love but I dream about the day
you caught the gun shot and then everything turned grey, they day That
cross stood right above your grave. And all I want to see is you
bursting  through the door to take me away. It's your eyes, the place I
want to stay. Now it is true that our love in which we valued had
gotten to the final end. And so it shall be. The falling heart...
Blind Smiles
By Tania age 16 from Manchester, Uk
Waiting in the darkness of opened eyes
She stands
Never knowing the colors
Of blue, red or yellow
She stands
But with her heart
She sees all around
And she smiles
And everyone stops and stares 
At her blind smile.

Things Matter
By Martha age 14 from Harlow, UK
Friends matter
But those closest to you, 
Are those who disappoint you most?
Love Matters
But when hate is stronger,
 Its bonds cannot hold no longer 
Happiness matters
But when something goes wrong
Somebody gets stung
Truth matters
But when a lie over comes a lie
The truth has probably died
Respect matters
But when it is lost
People go astray and pay the cost
Life matters
But people take it for granted
Become lost and negatively enchanted
Things matter
But sometimes we forget
And look back and totally regret.
End of School Days
       by Rachna,age 14, Mumbai, India 
The happy days have come to an end,Studies have become more
important than the best friend.ah!it is the end of uniform trend.
   we'll get a choice of commerce, science and arts,but who'll forget
those fare-well charts.
   we often tied ribbons on our hair, but always left them open at the
school fair.
from socks&shoes to hair&badge, everything was in discipline,so, we
appeared neat&clean.
   now, no one has to wake up at the stroke of sun; but of course we'll
miss the days of fun. 
Poem by Keshawna Miller
Days and nights I prayed for you to get well soon
One late evening GOD came in your hospital room.
I asked GOD can he remove the heartache and the pain?
And remove the dark cloud that is filled with rain?
I told GOD that I didnt want you to struggle nomore
And he said Dont worry, he brought you through this before.
When I thought things were getting better 
Its like I had received a bad letter.
You were getting worst off sick
So GOD said he was missing an angel in heaven and you were the one he
Nights after nights I questioned why and I even cried
Cause when GOD called you home everything in me died.
Its really hard with you not around 
I know you in heaven smiling down.
Until the date we meet again
In my heart is where I'll keep my little sister and my friend.
GOD said question me not for I make no mistake
But I wish this was all a dream and a fake. 
I will be missing you day by day
Rest in peace to my little sister Kaka.

Is It Right?
By Charquela age 15 from Louisiana
My smile NEVER fades away when my phone shows your name.
I'm happy for some reason,
Everything I say, gets sang!
Is it right for me to behave like this?
You're everything I need, 
the prince that always appears in my dreams. You're perfect in every
No flaws, no mistakes. Is it right for me to think this?
Sometimes you make me worry, sometimes you have me scared!
Sometimes my mind is filled with doubt.
Why? Because I'm wondering if you will always be here.Am I right?
But when I get past all the fears, the doubt and the worries,
I find love and affection ; My wants and needs; My joy and happiness.
You're all I need...Right?
Poem by Shubham Ahuja

Oh my Lord ! How are you ?
Oh my Lord ! Where are you ?
Come  and have a look at your earth,
The man you made,is of no worth. 
He has disbalanced your lovely nature,
For everyone, he is a harmful creature. .
He has caused immense pollution ,
he has no solution ,
The earth is becoming very very hot ,
The problem has become difficult to sort . .
He has caused green house effect, and the global warming ,
He is clearing the forests , damn for farming . .
What he is doing , is a severe mistake ,
Please come and guide him,for everyone's sake. . .
Without much thinking he is cutting the trees,
Later for this, he will pay the fees. . 
 Some have realised what they have done,
Others still have, a lot to learn . . 
Now we want you god  to improve the earth we have destroyed ,
Please forgive us, don't be annoyed
The candor  of  a  broken  heart  
by Nkossi Ntaisa, 18, from Johannesburg,South Africa
I sit with myself,
I have conversations with myself,
I berate myself,
I commend myself.
I think of times past,
I ponder upon laughs shared,
I muse about arguments forgiven,
I simper at those forgotten.
I concede my wrongdoings,
I forgive yours.
I wonder how?
I wonder why?
I fail to fathom why,
My conception loathes to accept,
To accept the candor that is.
The candor that it is finished.
Again, I berate myself.
Again I commend myself.
Moreover, I confuse the device of thought.
Worse, that which pumps sanguine,
It beats to the rhythm of a rock lullaby,
O! How I long to smile yet again,
How I long to watch the reflection of self.
Yes, in those pools of brown that pizzazz me times and again
Is it time to run along?
Should I lay in wait?
Must I culminate all feeling?
I know not.
I feel a lot.
Poem by JaredClay age 18 from Vidalia, LA
your the glue holding my heart
without you i would fall apart
be with me is all i ask
but your love is wearing a mask
riding a roller coaster in hells kitchen
my heart is right but minds itching
why don't you feel the same
my love for you is no game
i walk these streets with you in my heart
hoping these streets won't fall apart

by JaredClay age 18 from Vidalia. LA
plans are made
hidden by shade
plans fall though
held by glue
not very strong
doesn't hold long
wind keeps blowing
people stop knowing
past is forgotten
life is floating
suspended in air
nobody cares
by Marieke, age 16, The Netherlands
Leave me aching and confused
Daylight breaking, head abused
Ice cold fire under my skin
Lift me higher than I ve been
Have me caring, wanting more
But not daring, internal war
Hormones pulling, brain pulling back
Senses dulling, getting back on track
Life goes on, sometimes rough
Spirit s not gone, I haven t had enough
It s a game, a dance
An aim at a chance
Love the beat, don t know the turns
But it s a treat; I m one who learns
Come on boy; show what you ve got
We might enjoy it both, a lot
By Katie age 15 
Embrace the tumultuous chaos on the streets of pain,
Flood the mouths of children with shame,
Watch us put these writing on the walls,
We all laugh as the leader falls,
The people cheer for the fire,
Now is the end and our time has come,
Nothing you do can come undone,
I'm laying on the ground hoping to get higher,
I close my eyes and dip my head back,
Smiling because the end is soon to come,
I'm ready to leave this world behind,
To get away from the evil eyes,
Away from mass murderer lies,
Everyone is waiting for the king,
Their praying and praying to be saved,
But the snake will bite us with one single sting,
And the world will be gone,
Well be with our King.
By Katie age 15 
You are neurotic person,
An isolated mess,
Suffocating your rage,
It comes out like poison,
Affecting everyone one,
Changes you,
A disease in your mind,
Trying to avoid abandonment from me,
It created an obsession,
It pulled me away from you,
And made you lose yourself. 
Poem by Santana Page
You might think you are big, but in the eye of the world you are very small 
You need someone to love you, need someone to pick you up when you fall
If you dont have that it's because you don't try, i know you cry cause i cry 
It's nothing to be ashamed of, just thank the man up above he will
always show you love, he will always be by your side
he thinks about you 24/7 cause he will forgive your sins,
and welcome you in heaven

by Chintan age 13 from Faridabad, India 
Happiness is 
a treasure,
it's a pleasure,
which we cannot measure,
it is a heart's desire,
through which we get inspire,
it takes one higher,
never allows to retire,
it is meant for everything,
all the positive essence
drowns in its presence
it is scattered everywhere
but it is found very rare,
it's never less,
after all it's Happiness
Heavy Weight
by Melony
Nobody knows how long I ve kept this burden
Buried inside my chest.
The hurt I ve suffered for so many years .
Does anybody know how it feels to be different?
 Or how it feels to not live a normal life?
It feels like someone stabbed you right in the chest without any
warning .
Is there any hope for me?
What can I do to lift this heavy burden from my chest?
Day by Day I wait for a miracle to happen.
But now it s too late, my life is over
And my body is slowly fading away .
Poem by Kelly Sappington

everyday is the same
like the confusion of a wave
i struggle through the pain
these waters i must brave

i don't know which way is up
i don't know which way is down
i feel like giving up
but if i don't swim i'll drown

Kelly Sappington

no one by my side
he said i couldn't do it
when i found out he lied
i have nowhere to go
i have nowhere to turn
just keep moving forward
and my past shall burn
no one here to stop me
and i keep moving on
no more falling to my knees
my worries have all gone

By Brian age 17 from Kildare

I can't believe you feel this way
But I have to agree
We're made for each other
It's just so clear to see

Let's get married, then have kids
And buy them sweet toffee
I want to spend some time with you
My great wife, Niamh Coffey



by Noemi Serat age 18 from Philippines

I missed some memories in my past
But i hope this emotion of mine will last
Missing my whole family maybe turn into crying
And it makes me feel that my heart is dying.

I missed the time when i'm not all alone
I mean when my family were all in home
When we eat together it was so nice and fun
'cause we talked and laughed together as long as we can.

But as years passed by they've gone one by one
'cause they met their own lovely wife and husband
I felt like it was all just a dream
My life started to change 'cause i'm not with them.

Now i'm gonna look for a kind and good partner
So that i won't feel that i was just a dreamer
For me, being alone is not easy to bear
I'm gonna find my adventure starting from here.



by Abby Organ age 14 from Illinois

Time, time is before us.
Rush here, rush there.
But stop, slow down or you might miss what's right in front of you.
What's most important is right in front of you.
Time, time is before us.



A Poem for You

by John

We claim that we're friends, yet why does it seem,
That you try your hardest to push away from me?
You know that I need you, but want for us more.
But you throw my heart away to the floor.
There in the dirt, it beats steady and true
And every thump, every beat, it's for you.
I'd rather be your friend than not have you by
But really, I just want to be your guy
All of the girls in the world could chase me until their feet were
black and blue.
But still, this boy would have eyes only for you



by Tammy

You only live once so enjoy it while you're here,
No time to stress, make mess, and have fears,

In order to make it through life you have to climb high mountains,
cross rockey roads, and make tough goals

Looking back on the past is a waste of time,
Why look back when you can't erase the lines that you said and the
mistakes you made.



By Britton age 13 from Austin,TX

I was asleep beneath the sun
When I felt water, splash
on my cold stubborn feet
I was awakened

I sat up to find him gone
I could feel the burning sensation
of tears, behind my eyes

They began to roll down ,
my hands wiping the glisling
crystals, off of my sadden face

After I finished wiping the crystals
off my sadden face
I began to start my new journey
as a daughter with no father


By Niamh age 15 from Chessington

I can't contain it any longer
I really have to say
I love you and I think that
We should live our life this way

Wouldn't it be great?
We'd make the perfect couple
That's why I want to be with you
I love you Brian Supple




by Hannah, 14 from Wales UK

This decadence shows no mercy,
As it induces the population into a power supplied coma,
Ripping its way through the hearts of the tv stars, but equally through
the soul of the eldest generation-
Coincidentally being improved and the collections of incoherent and
inappropriate so called entertainment that transfixed billions of eyes
to the burning box.
A raging desire for many, but to others a distraction from the truly
valuable possessions we call people.
A broken home stuck together with a mutual interest for the famous has
overtaken the foundations grown in the interest of family-
Possessions and accomplishments revolving around the demanding new
culture, tally charts entailing criteria for how to be in the lost
This includes the provocative nature, the false personality of made up
Where has the soul of music been abolished to, why has it come to this
where replicas of one another make easy living in the societies.
The life, the failing, ageing, new breed life of decadence.




This is my life.
by Daniel, 17 from Chicago, Il.

I searched for you my whole life, I was born to use you.
My world is entranced by your beauty,stamina,and,power.
Never again shall I feel sad,ignorant,or alone.
As a child I yearned for you, and as a teenager I finally found you.

You have brought me to the highest heavens and the lowest hells.
You give me life, you give me strength, you give me everything I could
have ever hoped for.
You have become my mother,my only friend, my source of light and hope.
My backbone, my calling, my life.

We ll stay awake for days having fun,doing all the work, and enjoying
our special bond.
The feelings created by you were unlike anything I could have ever
Music has never sounded so pure, people have never seemed so loving.
Sleep and appetite are weaknesses of the past.

You are my life. Nothing else exists.
How could I ever let you go?
I tried, and I could only hear your cry.
I felt nothingness, a world of impending doom and terror when I tried
to rid you.

You bring me pain, fear,and hopelessness.
You brought me to places I never knew existed.
My reason for living is You and You only.
My life is a blur, a fantasy, an endless nightmare.

I would sacrifice anything for you.
You beautiful, magical pill.
You evil, life-ruining chemical.
I cannot live without you.

You used to tell me the future is bright, now I see only gloom and
Only death will bring us apart.
I pray to the God I used to know to bring an end to this suffering.
Without you, I know I am nothing.

It is a miracle I still have hope, how much is truly a mystery.
We will be buried together, and live simultaneously for the rest of
Intertwined, destined for each other.
Nothing else in this life, or the next can ever split us apart, because
our love is stronger than any other on this earth and beyond.


Here I am, alone.
By Lindsay age 13 New York, US

Here I am, alone.
Do I give myself away,
Wearing thin down to the bone?
Who am I today, if nothing but a mystery.

Here I am, alone.
Consumed by this emptiness.
A melancholy tone,
Derived from being such a pessimist.

Here I am, alone.
Condemned to this desolate life.
I welcome the unknown,
Tired of such strife.

Here I am, alone.
So painfully alone.



by Mary Gee age 16 from tulsa ok.

With bated breath i wait,
for things in this life to change,
begging for my eyes to never lose sight, as i crawl on through the dark.

With bated breath i wait,
for the light to draw so near,
pleading for my soul to never lose hope, for this place is full of

With bated breath i wait,
for joy to cover up my hate,
in this place where iv been for so long,
nothing i do is right, everything is wrong.

The walls i built to seal them out, to keep me safe,
keep falling down like crumpling faith, ill stand my ground and rebuild
them up around.

And, when im done,
they'll have their fun,
the monsters,
as they raor, fight, and try to steal my life away.

Ill survive,
ill fight my way out of this place, ill make it.
ill reach the peak of this mountain,
that ive fallen down so many times.
knuckles and hands raw and sore from catching myself, with the weight
of the world pressing down upon my shoulders,
ill look out over everything, when im at the top,
ill close my eyes, and,
With bated breath ill wait,
for my new begining.


Poem by Earon Calkins


Some say fear is only in the mind,
I d have to agree.
Our fears are so small,
Yet we find them so difficult to overcome.
If we just believe in ourselves,
We can overcome anything.
Some say fear is a bad thing,
I say we all have something to learn about ourselves,
And only our fears can teach us.
It's a monster in our closet,
Which we must overcome.
Fear is not our enemy,
It should be our friend.
'Cause in the end its all we have.
In the end it's not really fear at all,
In the end it's us not wanting to let go,
It's us clinging to our safety.
But I'll let go,
And when I let go I'll be free.
Will you do the same?




You Told Me
By Tamara S. age 15 from White Cloud,MI

~You told me your love,
I told you mine.
~You told me what was on your mind,
I told you what was on mine.
~You told me how you felt,
I told you how to feel better.
~You asked me friends?
-n- I said forever!!

*I dedicated this poem to my best friend: Noemi Rodriguz!*




by Autumn age 15 from Bells, TX

I smile when I see you.
It happens every day.
All the little things you do,
just take my breath away.
I always think about you;
You're constantly on my mind.
You're like a love song stuck in my head,
I sing it all the time.
I can go on for hours on end
About how much you mean to me.
Sometimes I wonder about the two of us
And if we're meant to be.





Why is there hunting?
emily smith age 14, poole uk

why is there hunting?
it is so mean,
is it because they dont like a type of bean.
people will be sad,
but you will be glad.

why is there hunting?
you are so cruel,
why do you have to be such a fool.
you want their bones,
why dont you collect some more stones.

why is there hunting?
i need people to hope,
go and wash you mouth out with soap.
when they are all dead,
you will be bread.

why is there hunting?
you think your so cool,
why dont you go back to school.
when it is snowing,
you will be knowing.



The Words
Laura age 18 from Houston, TX

Why is it that I cannot hear
The word so dear
That is meant for me?
Lost in the darkness just inside,
Where I tend to hide
So that I can be free.
Free from other words
That churp louder than birds
And replay in my memory
That one word that desires the day
As if only to say,
"You CAN be happy."
Maybe my heart will have the chance
Just to dance
To a song so lovely
A song with no beat
Only where eyes meet
Swaying to an enchanted melody
I guess in a way
Hopefully someday
Someone could even love me.



The Crying Sun
By Maciel age 15 from Orlando, FL

the sun shines
but yet it rains
there is no cloud in site
could it be that the sun is crying?
but why would it cry
is it that we are ignoring her?

we pay no mind to her
go through our day withought saying thanx
she looks down
wondering why
is it that we are to busy?

she thinks
maby if I get closer they'll notice me
when she dose we complain about the heat
or maby if i go farther away they'll miss me
when she dose we complain about how cold it is
she is left unnoticed
and becomes Indecisive



The Child's Choice
By Alex Greenberg age 13 from New York, USA

A child, locked in a brick house is praying;
Praying for the humble wish of nothing.
Tears of stone fall from the eyes of a reluctant child
as he discovers a key in his grasp,
as he begins to acquire an understanding for the key s existence,
just as it vanishes into the darkness of light;
Causing a chortle and soon a upward movement of his lips.
A sign of happiness within entrapment.
A friend s ecstatic yell from the outer boundaries of an unwelcome
cause the child s ears to close and then disappear.
The friend scowls from the other side;
An endeavor to awaken curiosity.
The child grows pallid wings on his strained back.
Yet he remains within the house of brick,
Wings spread like a phoenix.
Desiring to escape
While praying to remain still, absolutely still.
The friend is no longer a friend,
Horns of crimson sprout from his head
as the child becomes a god, a god of gray.




by kirthu age:15


Is that you ,who said that?
The phrase you said was short,
But the hurt you gave was huge.
Is that you ,who said that?
The phrase you said was hard to accept,
But my heart was easy to break by that.
My mind always think about
The good things you said to me,
But not the bad.
Hope that I will forget the verse, you said
And fix my heart.


The Words
by Laura age 18 from Houston, TX

Why is it that I cannot hear
The word so dear
That is meant for me?
Lost in the darkness just inside,
Where I tend to hide
So that I can be free.
Free from other words
That churp louder than birds
And replay in my memory
That one word that desires the day
As if only to say,
"You CAN be happy."
Maybe my heart will have the chance
Just to dance
To a song so lovely
A song with no beat
Only where eyes meet
Swaying to an enchanted melody
I guess in a way
Hopefully someday
Someone could even love me.


By Adoria age 14 from Rochester, NY

I wish I were a boy
So my heart won t be played with like a toy
So I can run from my responsibilities
And have endless joy
I could wear what I want
And say and do what I desire
Play ball with the guys
And wouldn t have to sit and admire
I could run after girls
And have as many as I wanted
I could play with their hearts
While they come forgive me
An satisfy my parts
I d get praise from my boys
Treat those girls hearts like toys
But I know how it hurts
I know how it feels
To get ignored
But to keep it real
If I were a boy
I d treat her like my queen
I d give her all my attention
And never grow mean
I d promise to be faithful
Because I know I d be grateful
.If I was a girl
I d love him forever
I d walk down that aisle
Get on my knees
And make him my king
.But if I were a boy
I d hold her forever
Break her heart .never
She builds heart with joy
And never treats it like a toy


Moving On
By Kiana age 13 from Florida, USA

Today, I will let the memories fade
Goodbye, was the last word that I added to your lies
Hope, is gone, for the story that we made
Writing a new chapter, could be too hard to try

For now, I guess I'll take a breath
And eventually, I'll forget the rest

Letting go of you, means I'm losing a part of me
I don't know if it's true that I'm better without u
I'm glad to finally have you good and gone
but I don't know if I'm happy that I'm moving on

The day seems brighter when you're not around
Then I turn the corner, I start crashing down
That simple thought, brings me back to last year
All of a sudden I'm drowned in tears.
I guess u don't know, that it's hard to be rejected
And pushed away
the rain came down
And washed away our love.
It's really breaking my heart.
Yea, my life is falling apart.


By Eghbal Sohrabi Age 24 from Kurduistan, Iran

Before this bitter evening
This fall, full of pain
This vortex of solitude
The slough of despair
I thought like this
Without you the world
Alas's cell
All chains of disdain
But now I see
Without you reality absurd
Without you, meaning empty
The heart's hand is musty
In this lagoon Without spirit
need a move
by the look of love


Poem by Shauna


I am more than a canvas painted grey.
I am more than a sculpture made from clay.
I am more than that of which you say.
I will be more than I am today.
I will be more someday,
some way,
so stay,
As I reap the sins of yesterday.



A book of memories
by Summer age 18 from Inverness,fl

Hidden in the attic,all the way upstaris, is something very
special,That i would like to share.My hopes,my dreams,old
photographs,of good times and bad times that make me laugh. The
joy of a hug,the thrill of a kiss,leaves me to remember the
pure,simple bliss.I cry for the fun,and giggle for the pain,I
enjoyed the good life I was able to maintain.The thoughts and
wishes,They all stay with me, all of these contained in my books
of memories.



Poem by Alfie

There I saw him
Squatting in the silhouette of sand burnt trees
He s crouching there on an island in the river Styx
A sun crossing his prematurely aged face
He says join me brother
And let us bow down to the stars that made pacts with men
Men that do wretched things
Let us welcome them, and embrace them with open arms, for the
depression in which they have left our world
Let us cry happy birthday Zimbabwe!



Love is evil
By Filip, Sweden

I have fallen
I fell from a steep
I fell very very deep
The only ladder leading up has been broken
All my hope of getting out of here has been choken
I have fallen
I fell in love with you



by Tamara Schumacker age 15 from White Cloud, Michigan

Sometimes I feel...
Sometimes I need...
Sometimes I see...
Sometimes all that is on my mind is...
Sometimes I wish I could forget about...
and be my-self without...


Forget about...
By Tamara age 15 from White Cloud, Michigan

Forget about your problems,
and just be your self.
Forget about drama,
and just be who you are.
Forget about your life,
and escape...
just for the moment!

Poem by Alison

I watch as you walk away
A tear sliding down my cheek
Headphones on,but no music blasting
I loved you.......once
I ran trying to hid the tears....even from myself
Music on blasting the world away
An arm around my shoulder
Telling me I'm okay
You broke my heart and with it my dreams
I head to class,you walk down the hall
Ask me if im okay...and i walk away



Lament for the Golden Days
by Mark Hallam

I miss innocence
The everlasting youth
And how the grownups
Tell lies shadowing truth

And the careless days
With dodge ball in the gym
Where, at me, kids scream
Not that kid, I want him!

And the sunny days
Sitting out at lunch
Where instead of nice
Kids can kick, yell, and punch

And to you critics
Rest assured, I would
And I ask of you
Where's your childhood?

For in this world
There's one golden truth
You must grip your past
The decaying youth




Poem by Shiloh James


Because I love you
I'll live a little longer,
Through the misery of a mother,
Hating her son,
Because he loves another boy,
And won't be giving her,
The absolute perfect family she craves,
She curses he husband's grave,
Because born unto her 16 years ago,
A son with the want to love that one boy,
To cherish,
And be held by,
To love him like he loves no other.
A boy to whisper his secrets,
To give himself fully and completely.
To be happy in complete perfect peace,
Which his mother never knew.




by Heather Ahmad

Loving; funny
Loves to talk
Likes to be crazy





When Defining my Life by Heather Ahmad


The world is different and difficult
And maybe it's for the best that it happened
It can be frightening at any time
A fight can explode at any moment
We've fought and we've cried
We've seen all great and scary moments
Closing the doors around my brother
To get him away
When defining my life
I'm the one that keeps this family together
I want to say something
I know that what I say
Will not change anything.
This is the largest thing that drives me insane

Poem by Clarissa Simms

In the sea of tears
we try to swim away from our peers
In the sea of blood
our hearts seem to flood
In the sea of pain
there is nothing keeping us sane
But in the sea of the broken
everything is left unspoken





Sometimes love doesn't last
By Katrina Renee, Age 14 from Brooklyn, New York.

Love is like a bulldozer, it will tear you apart.
At first its nice, but you don't know when the hurt will start.
You two are always together
Thinking it will last forever.
Holding hands
In the park eating pecans
Saying "I love you" and "I love you too"
I may misconstrue
But those words are taken to heart and are hard to undo.
So you two are texting each other and calling each other and
enjoying one another
And then there's a misunderstand
And even though you try to stop it, the argument keeps expanding
The lies start
The cries start
And everything is just ruined, broken apart.
Happiness gone
Everything is wrong
Laying down listening to depressing songs.
Of course eventually things will get better.
And that's why I'm writing this letter
Because I had a broken heart
But I'm healed, for the most part.
And soon, if your in the right state of mind, you will heal too.


by Grace

To steal a soul
With a kiss
To break a heart
With a glance
To destroy a life
With a word
To ignite a fire
With a touch
To torture a love
With a passion
To hurt a friend
With a secret
To damage a future
With a lie
Is Truly Demonic


What's Love?
By:Tamara age 14 from White Cloud, Michigan


What's love??
Love is something special that everyone should have.
Love is tough.
Love is rough.
But in the end you know you have love.



Apathetic Empathy
By Cory age 16 from Leeds, UK

When the nerves have died
What else is there to do
Except float on in the empty

Why does the skin not melt with the heat of the fire?
Why do the rivers on the face not dry up?
Never ending cycle of

The darkness cloaks the dagger until it plunges deep,
Dragging across vital organs,
Tearing and ripping,
Flesh exposed.

Can the dead feel pain?
Do their hearts beat?
Do their brains function?
It seems so, yet not so


By Cory age 16 from Leeds, UK

Like being lost without being found,
Like being locked in a dungeon,
Like falling from a great height,
Like a full stop.

You carry on regardless,
Through the never-ending,
Restless dreaming,
Turn and toss.

Following the gifted,
The special, the wonderful,
The ones who never know,
Why are they blind to sight?

Lead you into the night,
The moon shaded in,
The wind is screaming madness,
Please, God, let me in


Equestrian Heart
By Cory age 16 from Leeds, UK

Be still, oh galloping heart,
No running in the meadows,
No nibbling on the cool, sweet grass,
Be still, oh be still.

Rest in your stable now,
Sleep in eternal rest,
Dreaming of the other life,
The one without the dead.

No more the owner visits,
To tend to you needs,
No more money paid
For your upkeep.

Stop moving now, sleep fitfully,
Never stir again,
The blissful peace will welcome you,
To wake,
Never again.


poem by Sarah


We're born, we die
We laugh we cry,
We watch, we grow,
We stay, we go.
We are never perfect, no matter how much we want to be.
We can never always be happy, even if that's what we want
everyone else to see.
I can't change who I am, my stars just shines too bright,
I can t see the light, when I look in the sky at night.
I speak a million words, and hope my dreams come to.
But the only thing I need right now is something to hold on to.


also by Sarah

The rivers flow and the birds fly,
The sun shines high in the sky.

The animals play in the trees
and collecting honey are the bees

Caterpillars are crawling on a leaf,
Ants are hiding underneath.

Lady bugs in red and black,
in the cave there is a bat.

From Slithering snakes
to swans gliding on the lakes

Beautiful animals so big and small,
we thank you lord for giving us them all




Poem by Irene


Still dark.
Tranquil bliss ?
Darkest before dawn
Calm before storm.
Blessed ignorance

Storm brew symphony of Silence
Dawn breathed Zephyr trotted
For whom ?

Redbreast Robin
Cocked his head
Took flight
And thus, tomorrow was ushered
To frisk, to frolic, to be free
Airy a trill carried upon wind.

Dark still.
Longs black arms,
Hooded by Hades
Ticked by
And thus, Tomorrow barged in
To go, yet never to return
Ponderous a cathedral bell tolled.

Waking Up
Facing Day?




This poem is by the amazing poet Kit Wright, not the person who submitted it to this site - please kids only submit your own work!

My mums on a diet,
My dads on the booze,
My grans out playing bingo,
She was born to lose,

My brothers stripped his motorbike,
Although its bound to rain,
My sister's playing Elton John,
over and over again,

What a dim old family,
What a dreary lot,
Sometimes I think,
I'm the only SUPERSTAR they've got!




NAME: Nichole Strudwick AGE: 14 LOCATION: Australia


3 Little Words


Mother dear, please hold me near,
And whisper three words I long to hear.
I hear them maybe once or twice a year,
Or maybe I'm just never near enough to hear.
As each day passes and turns to night,
I lie in my bed and wonder in fright;
'Does she still love me? I do not know.
Oh, how I wish she would tell me so!'
I love you, mother! I do! I do!
Oh, how I wish you'd say: 'I love you, too!'
Maybe you do, maybe you don't.
Whether you say it or write it in a note,
I'd just love to hear those three little words!
I love you, mum, and I do try and show it!
I try and show it in everything I do, every little bit!
Mother, oh, mother please tell me true,
And I'll say: 'I love you, too!'
So now as I finish up, I'd like to let you know; I care for you, I'll always be there for you,
And I love you, through and through!

Those 3 little words are: I LOVE YOU!

nice one for Mother's Day



NAME: cj AGE: 15 LOCATION: australia


Down in the banks of misery I fade
Losing myself and friends I'd made
Lost in guilt
In tears
In pain
Lost myself to a stranger without a name


NAME: sarah AGE: 13 LOCATION: england ,wolverhampton

today is the tomorrow
you worried about



NAME: ashley AGE: 16 LOCATION: florida



WHAT'S going on with all this killing each other?
WHAT happened to treating one another as a brother?
EVERYWHERE I turn there's hatred in the air.
THERE'S so much pain i have to bear!
WHAT'S going on to the love and heart?
WHAT happened to everyone respecting each other's art?
WHAT'S going on, i can't really get the understanding of the sorrow and demanding?
WHAT's going on why isn't anyone standing?
CAN YOU tell me,what's going on?



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NAME: danni cooper AGE: 14 LOCATION: stoke , england


I can hear my heart beat
Lying in my bed,
I can feel the blood rush
Pounding in my head,
Beating lie a bass drum
in an empty room,
I can hear my heart beat







NAME: Ellie AGE: 13LOCATION: Minnesota






The courage that you have-
Don't throw it away-
Save it for another time-
Another day-
The fires all around you-
Burn big and bright-
But the fire deep inside you-
Burns strong and light.

Nicole M




Why the hate?
why the squabbles between mates?
why the problem of race?
why does everyone have to have pretty faces?
why cant people make mistakes?
why the wars for no reason?
why do we worry about what we look like?
why the fights between black and white?
why do we live like this?
why do we pay to live?
why is there a word called "normal"?

WHY??? all these questions left unanswered?


NAME: Kate age 12 LOCATION: Midlands, England


I am a firefighter who hates his job
I wonder when I'm going to die
I hear the sounds of people screaming
I see the hot flames
I want to go home with no pain
I am a firefighter who hates his job
I pretend to play with my son

I feel hot flames against my face like the sun I touch the rims of a hose I worry when the building is gonna explode I cry when I see people crying I am a firefighter who hates his job

I understand why people pray
I say I can go on just one more day
I dream about not feeling pain
I Try to stay strong
I hope I don't get weaker by the day
I am a firefighter who hates his job


NAME: Corin AGE: 14 LOCATION: st. Petersburg









A careless whisper
A careless whisper or a silly lie,
A careless whisper of a nasty name,
A careless whisper of a before untold secret,
A careless whisper of who you love,
A careless whisper about a friend
A careless whisper could change a li

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