Psychometric Tests for Graduates

Gain the Confidence You Need to Excel at Graduate-level Psychometric and Management Tests

Psychometric Tests for Graduates

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10 Digit ISBN Number: 1845282620
13 Digit ISBN Number: 9781845282622


This book gives you the information, confidence and practice to pass graduate-level psychometric tests every time. It's an essential book if you're a graduate (or in your final couple of years at university) and want to land yourself a brilliant job.

It explains all there is to know about the psychometric tests used by the vast majority of large-medium sized organisations worldwide to select and recruit staff and includes:
PLUS valuable advice about
Recruitment expert Andrea Shavick is an established writer and broadcaster who has written numerous articles on job hunting, CV preparation and interview technique. She’s also the author of 3 other SHL psychometric test books: How to Pass Psychometric Tests, Practice Psychometric Tests and Management Level Psychometric Tests.

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Psychometric Tests for Graduates - A bargain price for so many tests and information. I needed some practice with the psychometric tests - this book has it all. Loads of tests, all different types of test, and information on which tests for which type of job. And the SHL tests are the real thing. It's also quite an entertaining read which is a first for a career book - especially the chapter on how to avoid psychometric tests!  BOOKLOANS.CO.UK

Andrea    (re Psychometric Tests for Graduates)

Thank you again for an informative book on the different tests. There is a large discrepancy in the standard of books available but yours is definitely one of the best I have used. I have just ordered a copy of your Management Level Psychometric & Assessment Tests and look forward to using this and more of your books at future stages of my career.
Kind regards 
Toby Monk

Dear Andrea,
I have just found 'Psychometric Tests for Graduates' to be very useful, thank you. Am off to by the practice book now! Many thanks,
Thomas Kingston

"A very good aid for those who might find themselves facing a psychometric questionnaire."  IRISH EXAMINER, CORK

With a range of genuine practice tests"  BOOKSELLER BUYERS GUIDE

Dear Andrea,

I have your book - are the tests genuine practice tests that can be purchased from SHL or are they selected aspects of original tests?

Luton, UK

Dear Roy - all my psychometric books contain only genuine SHL practice tests and they cannot be purchased from SHL.
Hello Andrea,
I'm sure you get emails like this all the time but I really need some help. I have an interview / assessment centre this Friday and as part of the process I have to do an Fastrack test, which I believe is part of the SHL groups testing portfolio. The only problem is I can't find any examples of these type of test so I can practice. Can you help. I'm just out to buy your book now but if you could point me in the right direction or even send me a sample Fatrack test or similar I would be eternally grateful.
My Psychometric Tests for Graduates has some Fastrack tests, as does the Management Level test book.

I am in New Zealand, and will be sitting the Saville and Holdsworth Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning tests in 2 days' time. I found out last week and quickly found and ordered your book on the net.  It arrived today and I have been into it with great enthusiasm tonight  - excellent book by the way - well done!. 

David Sellars.
New Zealand.

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