How to Pass Psychometric Tests

This Book Gives You Information, Confidence and Plenty of Practice

How to Pass Psychometric Tests

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10 Digit ISBN Number: 184528447X
13 Digit ISBN Number: 9781845284473


In this book, author Andrea Shavick explains all there is to know about psychometric tests: what they are, what they measure, who uses them, why they're used, how they're changing, how to survive them, and even how to avoid them altogether!

It includes 35 different, genuine, practice test from SHL Group pls, the world's biggest test publisher. It has 265 questions covering verbal, numerical, abstract and spatial reasoning; mechanical comprehension; fault diagnosis; acuteness and personality.

This book gives you the information, confidence and practice to pass psychometric tests.
Recruitment expert Andrea Shavick is an established writer and broadcaster who has written numerous articles on job hunting, CV preparation and interview technique. She’s also the author of 3 other SHL psychometric test books: Practice Psychometric Tests, Psychometric Tests for Graduates and Management Level Psychometric Tests.

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Andrea Shavick's insightful book, How to Pass Psychometric Tests, published by How To Books, is billed as the only tome with "35 different, genuine practice tests".  THE GUARDIAN

"A very good aid for those who might find themselves facing a psychometric questionnaire."  IRISH EXAMINER

"How to Pass Psychometric Tests - with a range of genuine practice tests"  BOOKSELLER BUYERS GUIDE

How to Pass Psychometric Tests - I think your book is really useful practice and have enjoyed it  immensely.   Regards Kevin Emamie
Your book is really good "How to Pass Psychometric Tests"  It really helped me.
Vinay, India


I am in New Zealand, and will be sitting the Saville and Holdsworth Numerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning tests in 2 days' time. I found out last week and quickly found and ordered your book on the net.  It arrived today and I have been into it with great enthusiasm tonight  - excellent book by the way - well done!. 

David Sellars.
Auckland, New Zealand 
NAME: nimisha chavda
Dear Andrea,  Do send me the details about your book.."Passing Psychometric tests" since I would like to purchase a copy of the book.I am an Indian & reside in Mumbai.  Warm regards, Nimisha
If you don't live in the UK then try the link up the top of the page to the UK Amazon who stock all my books and will reliably post worldwide - Andrea

Dear Andrea,

I have your book How to pass psychometric tests. Are the tests genuine practice tests that can be purchased from SHL or are they selected aspects of original tests?

Luton, UK

Dear Roy - all my psychometric books contain only genuine SHL practice tests and they cannot be purchased from SHL directly. Andrea

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