Stop, Elephant, STOP!

Jungle fun novelty book for 2 - 4 year olds

Stop, Elephant, STOP!

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10 Digit ISBN Number: 1862335354
13 Digit ISBN Number: 9781862335356


'It was a lovely hot day on the grassy savannah' fact, it was just too hot to do anything except ...'enjoy a lovely cold bath.' Lizard decided to do just that, and he jumps in the water hole with a little splash. Then Monkey decides to jump in too, then Zebra, then Giraffe the splashes get bigger and bigger and things begin to spiral out of control. But what on earth will happen when Elephant tries to jump in?
This book is now out of print although there's still a good trade in new and second-hand copies from independent sellers.


I was given a copy of' Stop, Elephant, Stop! as a present for my baby Thea, and she absolutely LOVES it. Iíve read it to her over and over again ÖÖ..she canít get enough of it.  Alison Scaddan (Amazon)

Another triumph from the brush of M. Marshall! After the wonderful Little Lion Lost was universally acclaimed by my seven children I got them this.... and they were not disappointed! The only problem is deciding which is our favourite. Hurrah for Mark Marshall! (Amazon)

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