The Truth About Babies

The Truth About Babies

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10 Digit ISBN Number: 0192723448
13 Digit ISBN Number: 9780192723444


Are new babies cute, cuddly and adorable? No they're not. At last, a book that tells you the truth about babies, and what it's really like to become a big brother or sister. But be warned. Babies can be horrible ... (sometimes). 

Andrea's text leads the reader through what it's like to have a mother who's pregnant, and then to have a new sibling. The book is funny and honest, and would provide lots of good talking points within the family. Charlotte Hard's pictures are lively, humorous, and very colourful. Age range: 4+  (synopsis posted by Amazon).
This book was published in 1999 and is now out of print (although there's still a good trade in second-hand copies). If you are interested  in either the text or pictures (or both) please get in touch via Contact Andrea. Thanks.


"This book tells it as it is - and about time too. Those softly pastel books about the joys of new babies lead to totally false expectations in older siblings - much better to read them this book and prepare them for the worst. There is an enormous amount of subtle reassurance and a clever intimation of the older child/parental bonding that will take place. It's also very funny and the pictures are a delight. It should be regulation issue for every family intending to have more than one child."   
"The birth of a new sibling is standard stuff, but this really captures the older child's point of view.......Perceptive and funny, this will really give older siblings a boost!" THE INDEPENDENT
"A light hearted, humorous but informative look at what it is really like to become an older brother or sister...........honest and witty."  THE BOOKSELLER

"Finally a book that brings you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but THE TRUTH ABOUT BABIES! Funny, honest and illustrated with hilarious pictures, this will provide the growing family with lots to talk about."  EAST ANGLIA TIMES

"This dwells not so much on the beautiful aspect of newborns as the messy, noisy side! It's very funny and allows an older child a sense of superiority over her smelly baby sibling. A positive message at the end suggests the irritation of a new baby may actually be worth it." PRACTICAL PARENTING

"My boys loved this funny book. It prompted lots of chat about when they were little and really made them giggle." PRACTICAL PARENTING READER REVIEW

"Andrea Shavick proves herself to be an extremely talented children's author as she skillfully constructs the familiar situation of parents telling their children about babies. She weaves into her text humour and a genuine warmth for the intended audience. Terrific fun for child and adult to share." reader review

"Enlightens the sibling about the inevitable downside of pregnant mums and 'sicky, stinky-bottomed' new babies. Andrea Shavick offers sound agony-aunt advice to a long suffering sister, and assures her that the cloud has a silver lining. Charlotte Hard's cartoony pictures leap off the page and exude chaotic humour."

A real life true story about bringing a new baby home to face the rest of the growing family. A must for any parent or grandparent to be! reader review

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