You'll Soon Grow Alex

You'll Soon Grow Alex

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10 Digit ISBN Number: 1860399282
13 Digit ISBN Number: 9781860399282


Alex inside image 2Alex doesn't like being little. It makes him very unhappy. "You'll soon grow, Alex," everyone says.  But Alex can't wait - he wants to be bigger NOW!

Alex doesn't like being little at all. In fact he does everything he can to make himself taller. But when drinking eight glasses of milk with Protein Mixture in it doesn't work, and stretching himself on a specially built stretching machine has absolutely no effect, things start to look a bit bleak. But then along comes the very, very tall Uncle Danny to bring a little sanity to the situation...
Alex wishing really hardAge Range: 3-6. Illustrated by Russell Ayto
This book has been translated into numerous languages for overseas markets, including Wales, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Holland, Taiwan, Mexico, Korea and China. Latest co-editions sold for the 2nd time to Taiwan and Korea (2011).


You'll Soon Grow Alex is a superb book that deals with self-image and self-esteem in a hilarious manner, bringing home the fact that it is who you are and not what you look like that really matters. Andrea Shavick and Russell Ayto combine text and illustration to great effect, capturing the agony and the ecstasy of young Alex's life as he struggles to come to terms with his lot. This excellent book is a must for any child struggling to find out how they fit into the scheme of things and is a great way to boost the flagging confidence of anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and wanted to change what they see. AMAZON
Alabama's Children's Choice Book Award (for Grades K-2)
This book gave me as a 'big' person an insight into how my little one may feel in certain situations as the only small person around. An excellent book that uses humour to convey an important message. AMAZON
Alex eating a lolly in the bathA strong story with gentle humour and off-beat illustrations AMAZON
This is a story about a little boy in a world of grown-ups. His big sister's friends are always patting him on the head and saying "Aaahhh, isn't he sweet," but Alex is fed up with being small. So he decides to do something about it. This is a delightful book with a gentle but quirky humour which is well complemented by the off-beat illustrations. It is one that both children and adults will thoroughly enjoy reading and re-reading. AMAZON
Clear and amusing narrative, wittily illustrated. A proper story with plenty of repetition and a satisfyingly up-beat pay off. My four year old loved it and understood it. I think I'll be reading it many more times! AMAZON
Superb illustrations bring this fabulous story alive. BOOK TRUST

A superb book that deals with self-image and self-esteem in a hilarious manner. Excellent, a must for any child...a great way to boost confidence  AMAZON.CO.UK

An unusual and satisfying book. Andrea Shavick handles the tale with a direct and sure touch, and Russell Ayto's pictures fizz with fun and colourful action  CAROUSEL MAGAZINE

Alex's uncle shows him that there's more to being tall than inches and feet. That is what makes this book so special; Alex is really asking, 'Am I special? Am I important?' The illustrations are fun, and in a world where people always struggle with identity and self-worth this book does a great job of focusing in on the good things in life we take for granted. A great story with a timeless message. JOURNAL OF YOUTH & ADOLESCENCE, NEW YORK

The subject of height and growing up are by no means new, but rarely have they been addressed with such an impeccable balance of humour and sensitivity. Alex is fed up with being called Shorty, but eventually he is helped to realise that being tall isn't always so great - but being happy is. A delightful story brought to life by the inimitable Russell Ayto. CHILDREN'S BOOK NEWS

Encourages kids to consider inner growth as well as outer growth. HENDERSON MEMORIAL LIBRARY

Illustrated to great comic effect...the story is cute, fun, and sure to tickle little funny bones with growing left to do.  SCHOOL MEDIA SPECIALIST

The book is a must for the primary school library. SCHOOL LIBRARY ASSOCIATION

A sophisticated picture book that shows there is more to growing than inches HUDDERSFIELD CHILDREN'S BOOKS

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